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2004 - The Pittsfield Resource Recovery Facility, a former subsidiary of Energy Answers, was publicly honored as the sole winner of the prestigious ASME Small Combustion Facility Award.

The facility was selected to receive the award based on criteria including success in reaching facility goals; innovative and technical contributions to solid waste processing; environmental performance; health and safety performance; facility economics; and the facility’s role in integrated waste management.

2004 - The Pioneer Valley Resource Recovery Facility, owned and operated by eco/Springfield, LLC, a former subsidiary of Energy Answers received a renewal OSHA’s prestigious SHARP (Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program) status as well as the 2003 Occupational Safety Award of Honor and a Massachusetts Statewide Safety Council Award.

The 2003 Occupational Safety Award of Honor is based upon improvements to a facility’s accident records from the previous year. The Massachusetts Statewide Safety Council Contest is based upon having the lowest accident rate for 2003 for the facility’s SIC code in the Commonwealth.

Link to Press Release 2002 - Three Energy Answers facilities received SHARP status from the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) awarded through the Massachusetts Department of Labor & Workforce Development, Division of Occupational Safety. Energy Answers' Massachusetts' operations - eco/Pittsfield, LLC, and eco/Springfield, LLC, Cape Resources Company - garnered this prestigious status. These facilities were owned and operated by Energy Answers until 2007.

SHARP is awarded to employers who demonstrate, that they meet or exceed all of OSHA’s workplace safety regulations, have injury rates below that of their industry, and have important safety program elements in place. The three former Energy Answers Massachusetts’ facilities were the first non-manufacturing sites in the state to achieve SHARP status and EAC Operations, Inc. was the first multi-facility employer in the Northeast region to achieve SHARP.

Link to Press Release 1996 - SEMASS Resource Recovery Facility, developed by Energy Answers was awarded the 1996 Corporate Award by the Ecological Society of America for Resource Recycling. SEMASS is currently owned and operated by Covanta Energy.

This distinguished association of ecologists acknowledged that: "SEMASS has demonstrated that environmentally sound solid waste disposal can be accomplished on large geographic scales, and in the real world of business economics. The work of SEMASS illustrates how to interweave ecological issues, politics, government, transport systems and other issues to achieve good solutions to a major societal problem."

1993 - Energy Answers received the 1993 Excellence in Environmental Engineering Honor Award from the American Academy of Environmental Engineers for its "outstanding design" of the SEMASS Ash Management Program.

1993 - The SEMASS Partnership was awarded the 1993 Corporate Citizen Award by the Plymouth [Massachusetts] County Development Council "in recognition of a continuing commitment to maintain and expand the economy of Plymouth County".

1991-92 - The Commonwealth of Massachusetts awarded SEMASS its Public Water System Letter of Recognition "for distinguished performance and achievement" in 1991 and 1992.

1990 - Modern Railroads awarded Bay Colony Railroad and SEMASS its 1990 Golden Freight Car Award for the design and marketing of the waste rail haul system that links Cape Cod to SEMASS.

1989 - SEMASS received a Special Recognition Award from the Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District "for making a major contribution to solving the region's solid waste crisis" and also received Power Magazine's Environmental Protection Award for its commitment to the belief that "preservation of the environment is a necessary adjunct to any steam or electric power generation project".

The Confederation of European Waste to Energy Projects (CEWEP) has confirmed that SEMASS meets the Confederations’ high environmental standards. Energy Answers is the only American company that is a CEWEP member.

The Smithsonian Institute featured the SEMASS Resource Recovery Facility as a "model" waste-to-energy facility in a video they produced for their Science in American Life Exhibit. The waste-to-energy segment was filmed at SEMASS and narrated by Dr. William Rathje, noted archeologist and founder of the University of Arizona's Garbage Project. SEMASS was also positively spotlighted in the book written by Dr. Rathje and Cullen Murphy, Rubbish! The Archaeology of Garbage.

Energy Answers’ processed refuse fuel / resource recovery technology was selected as "Best Available Technology" by the technical committee for the Techino Switzerland waste-to-energy project.

Energy Answers’ Processed Refuse Fuel Technology™ and SEMASS were prominently featured in industry and environmental publications including Warmer Bulletin, Popular Science, Solid Waste & Power, Waste Dynamics of the Northeast, Power Transmission & Design, Garbage, and numerous Japanese newspapers and magazines. Energy Answers’ resource recovery approach was also profiled on the national television series Today's Environment.

The Puerto Rico chapter of Keep America Beautiful, Conserva el Encanto, Inc., was spearheaded by Energy Answers and accredited by the National KAB organization.