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Jeremiah Pike

Chief Editor

You've got questions and concerns; our energy guides have all the answers and plenty of helpful advice to give you confidence and peace of mind.

Purchasing generators, maintaining solar panel systems and configuring other power devices can be daunting and confusing due to a lack of relevant information. We understand the frustration all too well.

Dedicated to helping consumers make the smartest power selections suitable for their personal needs and situations, we do thorough assessments and reviews so you don't have to.

We highly advise you don't buy a generator or solar panel kit without checking out what we've got to say about it. Our reviews and recommendations are honest, upfront and straightforward.

We strive to be the reasonable voice in a sea of gimmicky “blogs” pushing only certain makes, models or brands of products. Our goal is to support consumers as they learn how to smartly, efficiently and affordably power their homes, RV campers and more.