Are Honda Generators Worth The Money (And Why Are They So Expensive)

If you are looking for a generator for your home, RV, business, you name it, you will have come across Honda generators flooding the market.

Honda generators are some of the most reliable and well loved generators available, and you will have heard all of the success stories and how well made they are. 

Are Honda Generators Worth The Money (And Why Are They So Expensive)

The only drawback and off putting thing about Honda generators is the steep price tags. These generators are often a few times the price of other brands of generators, so why is this the case? 

The thing is, when it comes to buying a generator, it’s not something you want to skimp out on and buy the cheapest option. Y

our generator needs to be reliable, efficient and powerful, so that you can run your appliances and keep them in a great working order. So, let’s find out whether it’s worth splashing the cash on a Honda generator. 

What Are Honda Generators?

Honda are the leading manufacturers of generators. This company makes some of the most popular and widely known generators on the market, with a wide range of products to choose from. 

Honda specializes in simple, compact, reliable and capable machines whether it’s inverter generators, open frame generators for artisans and professionals, and generators perfect for powering sensitive electrical products. 

This company has secured itself a place in the market, and is a well known brand for many. Honda itself has been around for over 70 years, creating reliable motors and engines for decades.

Why Are Honda Generators So Expensive?

In comparison to similar generators widely available, Honda generators are much pricier than their counterparts, so why is this the case?

Well, Honda is one of the most, if not the most established manufacturer’s of generators. 

The company is renowned for its ability to create well-built machines, and producing only the highest quality products, and has been for decades.

As a result, the name is instantly recognizable, and one that you can rely on. This may be why Honda is the most popular generator brand, as consumers are familiar with the name.  

In addition, the generators are actually very efficient, powerful and just great.

When it comes to Honda generators, you are assured of their high quality construction, which means that the generator will have extra longevity and durability, whereas cheaper alternatives may not offer you that quality. 

What’s even better is that they don’t lose value, so you can always resell your Honda to make back some of the cost that you paid for it.

In addition, it's super easy to find parts to keep up with maintenance, and there are Honda service centers that you can take your generator to, to keep it in the best working condition. 

Honda generators are most well known for their dependability and reliability. These generators are built with only the highest quality materials, and designed to last, and give you long running times.

This is why they are so costly, but you are actually paying for the quality and reliability that Honda offers. 

Another great perk of a Honda generator is how quiet they are.

Ask any generator enthusiast, and they’ll tell you that Honda has some of the quietest and most efficient generators on the market. Other brands just don’t compare. 

Finally, Honda has such a vast range of generators, that you will be sure to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Whether it’s for work sites, such as construction workers or semi-professionals, or for recreational purposes like camping and RV travel, Honda has a generator for you.

Pros of Honda Generators

  • High quality design and construction
  • More fuel efficient
  • Quieter when running
  • Leading brand of generators
  • Reliable
  • Strong construction- can last for decades
  • Honda offers service centers for fixing/ extra parts
  • Don’t lose their value very quickly

Cons of Honda Generators

The main con of purchasing a Honda generator is that it is so much more expensive than others.

For instance, a Honda inverter model can sometimes cost over twice as much  as other competitor models of a similar size and capability. 

That being said, when you buy from Honda, you have the name that you can rely upon, and it is sort of an investment as they do not lose their value very quickly at all. So, you have to weigh up the pros with the cons, really. 

Are Honda Generators Worth The Money?

So, are they worth the money? Well, when you weigh up the pros against the cons, it really is a no brainer.

The biggest draw for us is that Honda generators are so well made, so reliable, and you are covered if there are any problems down the line, with spare parts readily available, or service centers to help you fix any issues that you may be having.

If you can afford the price tag, go for a Honda generator. 

Best Honda Generator Models

Honda EU2200i Inverter Generator 

This is the most popular and best selling generator for camping or outdoor enthusiasts. It can give you plenty of power for smaller appliances, such as a TV, DVD, satellite, a fridge, coffee pot and more.

It’s super portable as it is so lightweight and quiet when in operation. For stable, reliable power when on the go, you can't go wrong with this one. 

Honda EU7000iS Inverter Generator

This Honda generator offers 7000 watts and is designed for home backup power, RVs, outdoor activities and so much more.

It’s fuel efficient, and oh so quiet, with an electric start and app connectivity for your convenience. It’s a popular and capable model!

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