Best 7500 Watt Generators

Having a generator in your home gives you the reassurance that, should the power cut out, your home and appliances will still be able to run.

As well as using a generator as a safety precaution in your home, they are, of course, often used for outside spaces that may not be connected to mains electricity such as a garage, construction sites, and outdoor event areas.  

A 7500-watt generator is a good size for a medium-sized home and can handle most kitchen and home appliances, as well as any of yours and your family’s personal devices.

It can even handle the important heating and cooling elements in your home such as the air conditioning or any electric heating you may have.

7500-watts will be enough to deal with all of this without blowing a fuse or making matters worse for your home. Not all 7500-watt generators are made the same, though, and there are a number of factors you may want to consider before investing in one. 

To help you along the buying process for your generator, we have decided to compile a list of features and factors that should be considered, forming a Buyers’ Guide that you can refer to.

We have also researched the 7500-watt generators that are available to buy, compiling a list of five of our top picks for you to choose from. 

So if you are shopping for a 7500-watt generator, this is some essential reading. 

Our Top Pick

Are you in a hurry and just want to learn all about the Best 7500 Watt Generator now? Look no further because we have just the product for you.

Check out the Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Dual Powered Generator. We think this is the best of them all because: 

  • It is dual fuel powered, meaning you have the choice of using LPG (propane) or traditional gasoline to power it up. This makes it more efficient, as well as being more convenient because if you run out of the one you can use the other. 
  • The 6.6 gallon tank promises up to 16 hours of run time. This is very impressive and almost double the amount of some other generators on the list 
  • It has both remote electric and recoil startup, meaning you can turn the generator on at the click of a button if you wish, or rely on good old fashioned manpower with the recoil method

Don’t just take our word for it though, buy it for yourself here and see how awesome it is! 


Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment 9500 Peak Watt Dual Fuel Home Backup Portable Generator, Remote Electric Start, Transfer Switch Ready, Gas & Propane Powered, CARB Compliant

The first 7500-watt generator on our list is the Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Dual Powered Generator. This has to be our first choice because of the sheer amount of great reviews it has had on Amazon.

This generator has both recoil and electric startup, meaning that you can start it remotely with just the push of a button if needed. You also then have the reassurance that the recoil can also be used if needed.

The 6.6 gallon tank promises a whopping 16 hours of run time, and runs on both gas and propane, making it a very energy efficient generator.

The sleeve of the generator engine is made of very long-lasting cast iron ensuring the longevity of the generator, as well as giving you automatic low oil shutdown.

The assembly requirements for this generator are kept at a minimum, giving you the chance to plug it in and use it as soon as possible. 


  • Because it uses duel fuel, gas and propane, it is more efficient in terms of energy usage 
  • It can run for a total of 16 hours altogether, making it one of the longest faring generators we have found 
  • It can be powered remotely using the electric start-up through the touch of a button, promising convenience for you
  • You have the added benefit of also being able to use it with the recoil to start it up if needed. 
  • Because it is conventional, it produces lots of power.


  • It is not as quiet as some customers may have liked. As well as this, due to it not being inverted, it is not as environmentally friendly as some others on the market. 


Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment 9500 Peak Watt Home Backup Portable Generator, Remote Electric Start with Auto Choke, Transfer Switch Ready 30A Outlet, Gas Powered, CARB Compliant

Next on our list is a more than worthy contender to our top pick. This is possibly because of the fact that they are made by the same company….in fact, the two items are very similar.

What sets this one apart from our top choice is that this is single fuel, as opposed to duel fuel. In terms of specifications, the two are very similar.

Like the dual fuel version, this Westinghouse model also features both remote electric start-up and manual recoil startup, giving you the ease of mind that you can start it from wherever you are, and also have the knowledge that the recoil works as a backup should the electrics fail for whatever reason.

This one has a slightly lower (but still impressive) run time of 11 hours. Considering it is just single fuel, powered by gas, we were very impressed by this run time.

The tank is 6.6 gallons in total, too. Just like its predecessor above, the Single Fuel version also features a hardwearing encasing made from cast-iron to protect the engine from damage. 


  • It has an impressive 11 hours of run time due to its 6.6 gallon tank. 
  • The remote electric start-up means you can rest assured that you can turn on your generator at just the simple touch of a button 
  • You have recoil startup as a backup option should you need it 
  • The engine is protected by a durable, hard-wearing cast iron encasing


  • It may not be as efficient as the dual fuel model by the same brand as it uses unjust one fuel. This model is also a little on the louder side, too. 


Champion Power Equipment 100165 9375/7500-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator with Electric Start

This choice is a great runner-up to the first two generators that we picked out for you. This is another dual fuel generator, also using gasoline or propane to run it.

The tank holds 6 gallons and can run for 8 hours on gasoline, or 5 and a half hours on propane. Having these two choices gives you convenience as well as promising more efficiency.

The run times are not on par with the first two, however, 8 hours on gasoline is still a more than ample amount for the needs of most people.

The unit can also hold 1.2 quarts of oil, too, and can tell you when the oil is getting low.

The Champion Power Equipment Dual Fuel Portable Generator can be started up via electricity too, and the package comes with a handy battery powered toggle switch that you can use for this. 

The gauge on the appliance will tell you exactly how much voltage and hertz it is doing, as well as how much run time you have on there so that you can easily monitor usage and output.

It also has a built-in surge protector. This is the Volt Guard protector and what it does is ensure that any overloads are prevented. 


  • It is air cooled, meaning it is a little more efficient and safer 
  • In terms of volume, this one fares well, promising a quiet sound when it is running 
  • The fact that it is dual fueled means that it is more efficient 
  • The built in surge protector Volt Guard ensures that the generator does not overload


  • Some customers have commented on the materials used as the encasings have sometimes been damaged in transit. 


Ford 7,750W Portable Switch & Go Technology and Electric Start, FG7750PBE Dual Fuel Generator

This model by Ford is yet another dual fuel generator, promising efficiency, and convenience to the user.

This generator gives up to 10 and a half hours of run time in its 6.6 gallon tank, making it a worthy contender even with our top pick.

You can use either Propane Gas (LP Gas) or gasoline to fuel this generator. It also benefits from having Switch and Go Technology meaning you can easily transition between gas and LPG when you need to, doing so seamlessly, even whilst the generator is in operation.

As with the other models we have discussed on this list so far, Ford’s FG7750PBE Dual Fuel Generator also comes with an Electric startup that can be achieved at the push of the button.

Likewise, it also has the option to choose a recoil startup should you prefer that. 


  • Buying from Ford gives you the reassurance that comes along with such a well-known brand that is known for quality 
  • It has seamless Switch and Go Technology to transition between LPG and gasoline to power the generator when needed 
  • It is about as loud as a lawnmower which, for a hefty generator like this, is very impressive. Lots of customers were pleasantly surprised at how quiet it was 
  • It is a great choice for someone who wants to power their trailer as well as for home use, as many customers have readily pointed out


  • Sadly some customers have had their generators not work on arrival and have had to send them back 


The last generator on our list that we wanted to tell you about is this, the Champion Power Equipment 100161 Portable Generator with Wireless Remote Start.

As you have probably seen, this is the second generator by Champion Power Equipment to feature on our list.

We liked this version because it offers a change from the dual fuel model by them (and others) that we have discussed already.

The choice between single or dual fuel is a personal one (you can read more about it in our Buyers’ Guide below), and we wanted to ensure that our readers had both options readily available to read about.

This is powered by gasoline, and on a full 6 gallon tank, it has a great 8 hours run time. As well as this, it also offers up a remote electric start up, meaning that you can get your generator running at the click of a button.

It is also air cooled, making it that little bit more efficient. The engine has a cast iron sleeve for added protection, ensuring the generator will be durable and hardwearing. 


  • A good value for money option for buyers who want a generator for their medium sized home 
  • It has a durable cast iron casing for protection 
  • It can be started remotely via a button 
  • It is easy to assemble


  • Some customers have found the Champion Power Portable Generator to be very loud compared to other models available to buy. This should be considered, especially if it for trailer use where you will be able to hear it easily 

Best 7500 Watt Generators Buying Guide

The factors that we used to choose our top five picks for the best 7500-watt generators have formed a sort of Buyers’ Guide that we thought would be helpful for anyone looking to by themselves a 7500-watt generator.

Follow our recommendations, consider all the factors below, and in no time you will have purchased a fantastic 7500-watt generator to suit your own personal needs. 

Volume - is it quiet enough?

Something that should be considered when it comes to purchasing a generator is the noise level of it as it runs.

After all, there is nothing worse than the loud whirr of a machine that seems like it’s going to start to take off.

You (and your neighbors) will be far more thankful if you choose a generator that is known to have a quieter volume.

In general, inverter generators are quieter than conventional. 


There are typically two types of generator, inverter or conventional.

Before you choose your generator you should decide which type you want. Inverter generators tend to be a little more environmentally friendly than conventional generators.

They produce less power but are actually far more fuel-efficient. Conventional generators on the other hand produce more power for you and tend to be far cheaper.

However, they are much heavier on fuel-consumption, meaning they are less friendly for the environment.

Also, as we explored in the section above, inverter generators tend to be a little quieter when running than their conventional counterparts. 

Single or dual fuel powered

This consideration may also be important if you want to make sure you have another fuel to back you up in case your first one runs out.

A single fuel-powered generator will typically run on gas alone, whereas a dual fuel generator will run on gas as well as propane.

If the gas runs out, the propane store will kick in, ensuring you have even longer use from your generator, and that it will be more efficient in the long term. 

Engine - what protection is in place for it?

Consider what the generator uses to cool itself down, whether that be liquid or air. Air is going to be more efficient for the appliance overall.

You should ensure that the engine itself is encased in a very durable and weather-resistant material, such as a cast iron sleeve, especially if the generator is going to be exposed to the elements at all.

We also recommend purchasing another separate cover for it, perhaps one that is waterproof, so that you can keep it covered when it is not in use. 

Run time

Of course, the whole point of a generator is to ensure that it runs for an ample amount of time for your needs. It fully depends on what your needs are.

For example, if you experience regular power outages that only tend to last a few hours, then you would need less run time than, say, someone who needs it overnight.

It will also depend on the size tank that you get. For example, a generator that has a tank that can hold 6 gallons of fuel will usually run for around 8 or 9 hours.

Starting system - recoil or electric?

How your generator can be started up is also another factor that you should consider.

Recoil start systems were the startups that most commonly featured on more traditional generators.

However, they require a lot of human power behind them, pulling the string to get them running.

If you envision your generator being something you use often, consider getting a generator with an electrical startup that has a recoil startup as a backup option should the electric one fail. 

Final Word 

As we are sure you can see, when it comes to Best 7500 Watt Generators, the world is your oyster.

There is a wealth of choice out there for you to look at!

You won’t go far wrong at all if you choose one of our top five picks from our list above, and we are sure that you are already itching to buy your favorite.

If you still couldn’t find a generator that suits your needs, ensure you read our Buyers’ Guide and use it to help you find one that is perfect for you. 

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