Best Firman Generators

Singling out a brand always makes buying something easier, especially when it’s complicated machinery like electric generators.

You’ve got your eyes on Firman generators, but you’re spoilt for choice because Firman Power Equipment has so many generators of so many types on sale, so you want some suggestions.

That’s where we come in. We’ve chosen five of our favorite Firman power generators and we’ve reviewed them all below.

We go into some detail about the specs of each machine and what this will mean when used, though we have a pros and cons list for those of you in the know, who just want to get the facts and make your decision.

Speaking of getting the facts, we also have a buyers’ guide where we’ve written a short primer on what everybody buying a generator should keep in mind.

Whether it’s a Firman or not, nobody wants to waste money and time with a generator that they would have ruled out early in the buying process.

In a Hurry?

Maybe you’re just looking for a reliable recommendation, in which case you might find what you need with your favorite Firman generator.

That’d be the Firman P03611 Gas Portable Generator, a mid-level generator that should cater to most readers whose needs fall somewhere in the middle of generator size and power.

If you’re looking for something lighter or more substantial, check out the rest below, but we think the P03611 is suitable for most applications.

See why we like it below:

  • It’s a great mid-level generator for those starting with their first Firman model. It’s capable of achieving a peak wattage of 4,550 but you’ll usually get 3,650. This can be hard and reliable power or sensitive power, your choice depending on the appliances you want to charge.

  • Its five-gallon fuel tank is quite impressive, going further than similar generators with the same tank capacities. It’ll last for approx. fourteen hours before needing maintenance. If the fuel is almost depleted, the engine will turn itself off to save energy and prevent damage.

  • It’s easier than ever to move this generator around thanks to a large folding handle and eight-inch wheels that can’t be flattened.


FIRMAN P03608 Portable Generator, Gas, Remote-Start, CARB Certified With Wheel Kit, 4550/3650-Watt - Quantity 1

Finding the best product in a brand depends on a lot of things, so we’ve not just ranked on quality but also how useful we think these generators will be to the average reader.

That’s why the Firman P03611 Gas Portable Generator is our number one product because it’s powerful enough without being too big or too short on lifespan.

We’ve got larger and smaller generators further down but for now, we’d say that the P03611 is the perfect first buy from Firman.

As usual with generators, the product code can hint at how much power the machine is capable of. In this case, the PO03611 can manage up to 4,550 watts of peak power and 3,650 watts of consistent running power.

This power comes from a 208cc OHV engine that’s protected by a cast iron sleeve and enables the generator to provide a current of thirty amps.

The engine is connected to a five-gallon tank. Now, five gallons isn’t usually that much to write home about, they’ll usually net you an admirable nine or ten hours of charge, if a bit more.

In this case, the fuel tank can last fourteen whole hours when properly filled. It’s a small increase, sure, but it’s noticeable when you don’t have to refill it as often.

This is in part due to the power controls this generator offers you. The main feature that extends the lifespan of this generator is its low-oil automatic shutdown that stops the machine when the fuel goes beneath a certain point.

You can also use this generator’s volt-lock system that does exactly what it sounds like, locks the voltage so that you can have more stable electricity generated by the machine.

By keeping tabs on the voltage, the generator will put out cleaner electricity that’s good for sensitive electronic equipment.

Between its fuel capacity and this feature, this is a generator that can do the heavy lifting as well as providing a gentle power supply.

It's all cased in a durable steel tubing cage, but the big draw of this generator’s casing is that it comes with a high-leverage folding handle and eight-inch Never-Flat wheels that don’t puncture.

Between these, shifting the generator around is easier than ever.


  • A capable, mid-level Firman generator that can tackle 4,550 starting watts to 3,5650 running watts.
  • A 5-gallon fuel tank that’s capable of over fourteen hours of charge.
  • The Volt-lock system keeps power clean, stable, and free from irregularities.
  • Will turn off automatically when fuel is almost fully depleted.
  • 8” Never-Flat wheels and a high leverage folding handle allows you to move this generator with ease.


  • No remote start feature.


FIRMAN H08051 Dual Fuel Portable Generator, 10,000-Watts Power Generator with Electric Start, 12 Hours of Run Time, 439cc Engine, Versatile and Durable Generator

Now we’ve got one of the larger Firman generators for your consideration, the Firman H08051 Dual Fuel Portable Generator, the most powerful and largest generator on our list.

This is your choice if you hear ‘best’ and think about the most powerful generator you can get your hands on.

So, how powerful is the H08051? Well, its starting/peak wattage is 9,000 to 10,000 watts, so that should tell you everything you need to know.

Otherwise, it runs at a wattage of 7,000 to 8,000 depending on what fuel you use. That’s right, this massive generator also takes both gasoline and LPGs like propane.

You get the higher numbers with propane, as usual, and you also get the transfer hose to add LPGs to the generator.

The generator’s 439cc engine has its own cooling system and supports eight gallons of fuel that can get more than twelve hours of uninterrupted power supply.

It can also stop itself if the fuel supply gets too low, so you don’t need to worry about the generator sustaining costly damage.

Speaking of damage, every important outlet has twist-lock mechanisms that stop children from tampering with them or rain from seeping in.

Part of this generator’s size is its large tubular rolled frame body that won’t break under extreme weather or force conditions.

To say it was built to last would be an understatement. Despite its size, it even has a padded handle for easy moving.


  • A larger Firman generator that’s capable of higher wattages like 8,000 running watts and 10,000 peak watts.
  • An 8-gallon fuel tank takes gas and LPGs and can last for over 12 hours.
  • The auto-shutdown feature keeps this costly generator safe from running when dry.
  • Twist-locks on all outlets keep the electrical components safe and undamaged.
  • A durable tubular frame is built to last and keep the generator safe.


  • One of the heaviest generators that Firman offers.


Our third generator is the total opposite of the second, the Firman P01201 Gas Portable Generator being the smallest generator on this list.

If you need a small generator, in both size and wattage, that you can take with you practically anywhere, you should get this one.

It has a starting wattage output of 1,500 and a consistent running wattage of 1,200.

A smaller generator needs a smaller engine, so this model only has an 80cc engine inside of it.

That’s all it needs and there are other upsides to having a smaller engine, such as increased efficiency and the fact it’s much lighter. 

It’s also built with Firman’s Phoenix Fat Head-Block that regulates the temperature of this small engine so that it doesn’t overheat.

The engine is very efficient, taking its 1.7-gallon fuel capacity and translating that into just under twelve hours of run time. This is incredible for an engine and generator of this size, and it’s ideal for all-day camping or tailgating.

Another benefit of a smaller engine is that it’s quite quiet, too. It’s only sixty-three decibels. There are quieter generators out there, sure, but this is one of the quietest that Firman offers.

The generator frame is fashioned from tubular steel, allowing the manufacturers to make a strong casing without having the entire model be larger or heavier.

This cage frame is compact but durable, as well as resistant to outdoor complications like rust, securing this generator’s place as the quintessential portable generator.


  • A small Firman generator that’s perfect for less-intensive, highly portable use.
  • Its 80cc engine uses Firman’s own Phoenix Fat Head-Block to prevent overheating.
  • Its ultra-efficient 1.7-gallon fuel tank can provide up to twelve hours of run time.
  • Quieter than a lot of generators at just 63 dB.
  • Its compact frame made from tubular steel is designed to resist rust.


  • Socket placement can be awkward since it’s a smaller generator.


Next, we have our affordable option, the Firman H03652 Dual Fuel Portable Generator.

This model costs less than some of the smaller generators on this list, so if you want a decently-sized generator for much less than you’d usually expect to pay, Firman has you covered with this option.

It has 4,550 starting watts of power with 3,650 of those watts sticking around once the thing gets running.

The five-gallon gas tank that accompanies this generator’s 208cc engine can run for up to ten hours, though this number will increase if you go with propane instead, where we’d recommend a twenty-pound tank. That engine can also switch itself off when the gas tank runs dry.

Eight-inch Never-Flat wheels also add a lot of portability to this mid-level generator and they won’t sustain any critical damage when wheeled around outside.

It can take a while to get started if you’re using propane, but this is a small wait for how much you can save by grabbing this generator over the more expensive options.


  • An affordable mid-level generator that’s capable of 4,550 starting watts and 3,650 running watts.
  • A 5-gallon fuel tank can last for ten hours with gasoline and up to fifteen with propane.
  • It’s powered by a 208cc dual-fuel engine that can shut itself down when oil is depleted.
  • 8” Never-Flat wheels make this generator even more portable.


  • Can be slow to start when being used with propane.


Firman WO1781 Whisper Series 1700/2100 Watt Inverter Generator, Yellow

Our last generator is an alternative to the smaller generator we showed you at number three.

The Firman W01781 Portable Gas Generator is slightly more powerful while still being very lightweight and portable.

It has a starting wattage output of 2,100 and runs at 1,700 watts once it gets going. It’s one of the weakest in terms of power but it’s more than enough to run several small appliances.

Its fuel to run-time ratio is almost one to one, the generator’s nine-gallon fuel tank will give you approximately nine to ten hours of power.

It’s not the most efficient engine we’ve seen on this list, but its Max Pro Series 80cc Firman engine does have a fuel-efficient economy mode that can extend its life by about three more hours.

That Phoenix Fat Head-Block component is back too to soak up all the heat that gets generated in this cramped generator.

Like other small generators, this model is capable of being parallel-joined to other small Firman generators.

By combining two smaller generators, you get the power and run time of each one together.

Unfortunately, this generator doesn’t come with a parallel cable to join this generator to another, so that’d be a separate purchase.

The entire model only weighs just fifty-two pounds and features an ergonomic handle built into its compact casing, making it another great portability option.


  • Another small and very portable generator with a 2,100/1,700 starting/running wattage.
  • A 9-gallon tank translates to a ten-hour run time and a fuel-efficient economy mode that can extend this time.
  • Capable of being joined to other similar small Firman generators.
  • Weighs just 52 pounds, making it very easy to carry around.
  • Compact design with an ergonomic handle integrated into its casing.


  • Just recoil start, no electric start option.
  • Parallel cables aren’t included.

Best Firman Generators Buying Guide

Buying the Best Firman Generator

Having a brand in mind is great, but it doesn’t mean much if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re new to buying generators or you just want to have all your facts straight, we’ve written this buyers’ guide to help you find the best generator for you, Firman or not.

We’ve taken the average generator and broken it into several subheadings, based on components or features that generators typically offer, where we’ve then explained what they are and what is normal for this market.

By having this info, you can measure any other generators you have in mind against our standards to see if they’re worth your time. Think of it as quality control to stop you from accidentally buying trash.

Conventional V. Inverter Generators

Deciding on which kind of generator you want is the first step when buying since it’ll affect the selections available to you. Generators generally have two main categories, conventional and inverter.

Conventional generators are otherwise called gas-powered or dual-fuel, taking larger amounts of fuel and converting it into a stable power supply. They tend to be more powerful than inverter generators, all else being equal.

Inverter generators, on the other hand, are better for smaller and less-intensive uses.

You’ll see most of our chosen products are conventionally powered but, if you’re getting a smaller power supply for camping or other outdoor hobbyist activities, it may be better to get an inverter generator instead.


The power itself is naturally the most important spec you’ll want to keep an eye on. It can be measured in amperage or voltage, but generators are best measured by comparing their wattage with the needs of your home.

Take the wattage, both starting and running, for the appliances you want to use your generator with.

If both figures are over the wattage of your generator, you’ll need a bigger device, but you’re in the clear if the generator wattage is higher.

We’d also advise that your generator wattage exceeds the use wattage quite handily so you can futureproof your purchase by having the capacity for unforeseen applications.

Fuel Capacity and Options

The capacity is probably the second-most important factor since it determines the weight and the run time of your generator.

It’s pretty simple to understand though, if you want your generator to run for longer, just get a generator with a larger fuel capacity. Capacities can vary wildly, from one gallon to nearly twenty, so you’ll need to get a generator that you have room to store if you’re getting a larger generator.

So, what would we recommend for the average reader? You’ll probably get the best use from a four- to eight-gallon generator depending on your intensity of use.

Otherwise, those looking for ultra-light and ultra-portable generators can get away with smaller tanks, some of them can even connect to other small generators to double the run time. On the other hand, those who need a powerful and long-lasting generator will want larger models.

Firman generators will either be powered by gasoline or dual fuel, where gasoline and LPGs can be used, the most popular of which is propane. Propane is more potent and efficient but expensive.


This will be a factor that some of you can ignore but for those of you who care about how noisy your generator can be, you’ll want to see how many decibels your generator register.

A few ground rules first, 90 decibels is the danger zone where noise can be unsafe, especially if it’s constant. You should try to stay under 75 decibels since this will also cause stress. The last thing you need to know is that even “quiet” generators are going to make noise.

We’re getting better at muffling the noise that these generators give off, however, with some generators achieving as low as 40 decibels. Under 50 is what we’d call acceptable for domestic use.

Safety Features

There are many other features that help with a generator’s safety and ease of use, so we’ll talk about them here.

The first ease of use feature you should have in mind is how you’re starting the generator, are you pulling a recoil system, pressing a button, or pressing a button on a remote so you don’t even need to move from your seat? Most generators will have two of these options.

Another important feature is whether the generator can shut itself down. Why would you want that? The last thing you want is a generator that tries to work when there’s no fuel left inside, which would cause damage to the expensive and vital hardware inside.

You don’t want to waste your hard-earned cash, so having a generator that can shut itself down is great for peace of mind.

The outlets of your generator may also have rubberized edges and other forms of protection, like a twist-lock. These stop minors from tampering with them and risking injury, while also protecting them from seeping water that’d be disastrous for the electrical components inside.

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