Best Propane Generators

Whether you love nothing more than going off the grid on a camping adventure, or you like to make sure you’re ready for a power outage, a propane generator is a great device to consider investing in.

Designed to offer a portable source of energy, a propane generator is able to transform motorized energy into electricity through burning propane. 

The best propane generators on the market should, at the very least, be able to offer you a reliable source of clean energy that utilizes a powerful generator, offers dual usage, and features a low oil shut-off.  

There’s a vast sea of options out there on the market though, and not all of them are good. So, if you’re on the search for the best propane generator, you’ve found yourself in the right place! 

Below, you’ll find an in-depth review of five of the best propane generators available to buy right now, as well as a handy buying guide and F.A.Q section to help you make the right choice.

In a hurry? Keep things running smoothly with our top pick:

Blending both power and versatility, if the DuroMax XP1000EH Generator isn’t already on your radar, it needs to be!

This bestselling generator is powered by a 457cc, 18HP DuroMax OHV Engine that is powerful enough to provide a maximum 12, 000 watts of power. In other words, it will ensure that you’re ready for anything. 

Pinched for time and don’t have time to read the full review?

Here are five reasons why it’s worth your consideration:

  1. It utilizes dual-fuel technology, which gives you the flexibility to choose the fuel of your choice. 
  2. This unit is powerful enough to power high amperage devices, such as a refrigerator. 
  3. Featuring DuroMax MX2 Technology, this unit can operate at a maximum power of each 120-volt receptacle. 
  4. The portable design is ideal for camping trips and is approved for use in all 50 states.
  5. For convenience, it has a user-friendly interface for easy operation.


DuroMax XP12000EH Generator-12000 Watt Gas or Propane Powered Home Back Up & RV Ready, 50 State Approved Dual Fuel Electric Start Portable Generator, Black and Blue

Leaders in the industry for over 15 years, DuroMax knows a thing or two about power equipment, and their XP12000EH Generator is a shining example of their dual-fuel technology expertise. 

Though this generator might be small, it’s been nicknamed the ‘Beast’ by DuroMax for a reason! It has been designed to offer maximum voltage and is able to provide the same power that is found in home standby units. 

Made with DuroMax’s very own Dual-Fuel Technology, this generator is able to run on either gasoline or propane.

Gasoline is a reliable option, although liquid propane is a much more environmentally friendly choice that won’t damage the carburetor. 

Plus, ideal for generator newbies, the XP12000EH also features a user-friendly, keyed electric start, and also contains an optional recoil start to make operation more streamlined and simple. 

As for its performance? This advanced generator is powered by a 457cc, 18HP DuroMax OHV Engine that is able to provide the power panel with the capacity to use the maximum 12, 000 watts of power. 

The power panel includes two 120 voltage outlets, one 120 voltage twist-lock outlet, a 120/240V outlet, as well as a 50-amp heavy-duty outlet. This ensures that you will be able to power multiple devices at once, as well as higher amperage devices with no issues.

The panel also features a low oil indicator, circuit breakers, and DuroMax’s MX2 switch, which will allow you to double the 120-volt amperage for bigger appliances.

This unique switch will allow you to achieve maximum power from each of the 120-volt receptacles, as well as giving you the option of using the varying volts at the same time.  

Built to last, this unit consists of a heavy-duty all-metal frame that has fully-isolated motor mounts, plus an oversized noise reducing muffler that will deliver a smooth and quiet operation.

It has also been built with copper windings, a feature present in all DuroMax equipment, to ensure that it will serve you for many years before needing a replacement. 

Our verdict? Though it is an investment, the XP12000EH is a versatile generator that can power your home’s essential appliances in the event of an emergency or storm.

Thanks to its portable design, you can also use this generator on a campsite, or even for powering high amperage tools if you’re an electrician.


  • Portable design 
  • Can power high amperage devices
  • Dual-fuel flexibility


  • Expensive


Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator with Electric Start

Offering versatility and portability, the Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator can be used to power a multitude of appliances, whether for a home, your RV, or a work project. 

Designed with convenience in mind, this generator features an electric start powered by a battery for quick startups, as well as featuring Cold Start Technology that will ensure a quick and successful start in colder conditions. 

For safety, the Portable Inverter Generator features a low oil shut-off sensor, which will light up if the 0.6-quart oil capacity is running low.

It also provides the user plenty of flexibility thanks to its dual-fuel engine, which is compatible with either liquid propane or gasoline. 

This is especially handy for emergency situations. While using gasoline, the 192cc Champion engine will be able to run for 7.5 hours while operating at a 25% load.

In contrast, while using propane, this generator will be able to run for 14.5 hours at a 25% load.

Included across the control panel are a 120V 30A RV, two 120V 20A household outlets, and a 12V DC outlet with a dual USB adapter.

Alongside this, there is also a propane hose with a built-in regulator for safely pouring in the liquid propane.

Once in use, this propane generator will operate at around 59 dBA when positioned 23 feet away. This is about the same noise level as a normal conversation.

Providing easy transportation this portable generator features a foldaway handle that will provide easy storage, as well as built-in handles and tires that will never go flat for easy transport. 

In addition, Champion covers this generator with a 3-year limited warranty, as well as offering a lifetime of free technical support whenever you need it.

The warranty does not cover the carburetor, which is the most expensive part of the generator.

However, if you plan on using mainly propane, this will significantly lower the chance of any damage to it.


  • Runs quietly
  • Can run on either propane or gas
  • Built-in handles and tires for easier transportation


  • Warranty does not cover the carburetor


WEN DF475T Dual Fuel 120V/240V Portable Generator with Electric Start Transfer Switch Ready, 4750-Watt, CARB Compliant

If you’re on a budget and would like a more affordable option, the WEN DF475T Fuel 120V/240V Portable Generator is worth your consideration.

Whether you want to provide your home with a backup power source during a crisis or you want to power your family’s appliances while camping, the WEN 4750-Watt Dual Fuel Electric Start Generator will allow you to burn propane efficiently and quietly. 

Liquid propane will be able to provide this generator with 4350 surge and 3500 running watts.

Featuring dual-fuel technology, you also have the option of using gasoline in the event of an emergency, which will create up to 4750 surges and 3800 running watts.

Offering plenty of versatility, the control panel features a NEMA 30A twist lock, two 120V GFCI outlets, a 12V DC cigarette-lighter plug, as well as a voltage selector that will allow you to switch between 120V and 240V depending on amperage needs. This will allow you to power a multitude of different appliances simultaneously.

It is durable enough for handling knocks and bumps at the job site and is small enough to offer easy storage when it’s not in use.

Its wheel and handle kit will make it easier to transport, while the additional 47-inch LPG hose will allow you to safely transfer propane from the tank to the generator. 

With its 240 volts of power and 224cc engine, this CARB compliant generator offers a powerful performance at a more affordable price point.

It’s very well suited to anyone looking for a reliable clean energy backup.


  • More affordable than competing generators
  • Can be used with either propane or gasoline 
  • Powerful engine


  • Some have found their tech support to be unhelpful


Pulsar G12KBN Heavy Duty Portable Dual Fuel Generator - 9500 Rated Watts & 12000 Peak Watts - Gas & LPG - Electric Start - Transfer Switch & RV Ready - CARB Compliant

Just like the name suggests, the Pulsar G12KBN Heavy Duty Generator is capable of powering high amperage appliances with ease, so it’s great for anyone looking for a reliable and powerful backup in the event of a power outage.

Why? Well, for starters, the G12KBN produces an impressive 10,800W when powered by propane, and is capable of powering multiple appliances at once with no difficulties.

It features four 120V AC outlets, one twist-lock outlet, one 120V/240V 50A outlet, and one 12V DC output, which will allow you to power both low and high amperage devices with ease. 

Its large 8-gallon fuel tank will allow for hours of extended power when using propane, and even features a convenient electric push start that will make switching the generator on simple and easy, even during the colder months.

It also contains a durable frame with convenient drop-down handles and ‘never-flat’ wheels that will make this generator ideal for storing and transporting.

Made with safety in mind, this Pulsar generator comes complete with a low oil shut-off function, an automatic voltage regulator, as well as a 3-in1 digital meter to ensure hassle-free use.

Plus, included in the price is a propane hose, which will allow you to safely transfer the liquid into the generator. 

In addition, the G12KBN Heavy Duty Generator also features dual-fuel capability, which will allow you to select between either using propane or gasoline, which is sure to come in handy during emergency situations or if you happen to be running low on propane. 


  • Large 8-gallon fuel tank
  • Various safety features


  • Poor customer service


ETQ TG32P31/TG32P31DF Tough Quality 3600-Watt Gas Powered Generator, Extremely Quiet- CARB Compliant (TG32P31DF)

Looking for a generator that will not only allow you to use propane but will also run extremely quietly? Meet the ETQ TG32P31DF Generator. 

Offering a powerful performance at an affordable price, the ETQ TG32P31DF Dual Fuel is able to generate at a powerful level of 3600 surge watts and 3200 rated watts of power. 

This is even more impressive when you consider the fact that its 212cc single-cylinder, air-cooled, 4-stroke engine is able to operate at this level, all the while remaining at an incredibly quiet sound level of just 72 dB.

Plus, made to last, its heavy-duty frame and 8-Inch solid wheels ensure that this unit can easily be used for a multitude of different purposes, including on construction sites or even for powering an RV. 

For safety reasons, this unit is protected by a low oil shutdown function, which will let you know when it’s time to top up the propane.

Plus, for quick and easy startups, this generator features an electronic ignition, recoil start that will help the generator power up quickly.

In addition, the unit has been equipped with a 3-in-1 digital indicator, while its powerful engine will enable you to run multiple essential devices simultaneously, including high amperage appliances like refrigerators. 

Not only that, but thanks to its easy access control panel, this generator is easy to control and features a simple interface that makes it easy to understand.

This model is also EPA and CARB approved for use in all 50 states, so it’s perfect for your next camping trip!


  • Durable, rugged design
  • Very quiet operation


    • The startup can take some time

Best Propane Generators Buying Guide


What do you plan on using your generator for? Not all generators are portable, in fact, some can weigh upwards of 100 pounds!

If you plan on purchasing a propane generator primarily for taking from job site to job site, or even for camping, you’ll want to consider purchasing a smaller generator that is more compact in size.

This will allow you to travel with it more easily, and some even come with built-in wheels to make transportation easier.

On the other hand, more powerful generators tend to weigh the most (some can even weigh 200 pounds) which make them almost impossible to move. For this reason, heavier propane generators are better suited for household use, such as in the event of an emergency. 

To help you decide how portable your propane generator should be, we recommend considering what is it you’re going to be using the generator for, and whether or not you plan on regularly transporting it or not. 


All of the best propane generators on the market will no doubt come with a variety of different safety features.

Though propane generators that come with these additional features are often placed at a higher price point, they are a surefire indicator of the reputability of the manufacturer that you are purchasing from.

We recommend keeping a lookout for generators that come with an automatic shutoff function, a low oil alert, as well as surge prevention as this will help to protect your appliances. 

The number of outlets

Another consideration to take into account is how many outlets you’d like the generator to have.

Ideally, you’ll want to purchase a propane generator that features multiple outlets, all operating at different voltage levels, as this will give you the option of powering multiple appliances and devices at once. 


Another factor is whether or not the generator offers a dual-fuel function.

Nowadays, most propane generators are made with Dual Fuel Technology, which means that the generator is able to be powered by both propane and gasoline.

This means that you will be able to power the generator via propane, all the while giving you the option of using gasoline in the event of an emergency, or if you happen to run out of LPG.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a propane generator?

Though gasoline is a tried and true fuel choice, there are plenty of reasons why liquid propane is a better choice.

For example, gasoline quite often goes ‘stale’ and can cause damage to your carburetor after a few months or so.

In contrast, liquid propane can last for up to a year and won’t cause any damage to the performance or quality of the generator as it does not leave any residue inside the fuel reservoir. 

Additionally, as propane can last longer than gasoline, this also means that it’s great for emergency situations because you won’t have to worry about changing the fuel supply.

Another reason why some people prefer to use liquid propane is that it is more environmentally friendly than gasoline is. 

How many hours will my generator run on propane?

On average, a generator that is being powered by propane will usually keep on running until the propane supply has completely run out.

To help give you an idea, if you were to experience a power outage in your home, you could expect a 500-gallon tank of propane to power your generator continuously for around 1 week before needing to be refueled.  

Do propane generators run more quietly than gas?

As propane generators are clean-burning, they do tend to operate more quietly than generators being fuelled by gasoline.

Nowadays, though, many generators come with integrated ‘muffling’ features that will help to quiet the running noise of the generator anyway.

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