Best RV Generators

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things - Henry Miller 

The call of the open road is more alluring than most of us would ever like to admit.

We’ve all felt it pulling at our souls and know the power of its softly whispered promises of adventure.

It’s a temptation that every RV owner knows all too well, and has readily, and happily given into.

Being able to head out into the unknown, without spending endless hours planning routes, booking campsites, and heading for a pre-planned destination is part of the RV life.

Sometimes, you don’t want to think about where you’re going, you just want to go and see where the road ends up taking you.

Best RV Generators

The problem with not knowing where you’re going though is that when you arrive at campsites or find a place to stay overnight, it might not always have an available electrical supply.

That means if you want power, you’re going to have to take it with you, and the easiest way to make sure that your RV trips always have the power that you’ll need to fully enjoy them is by taking an RV generator with you.

That’s why we’ve found five of the best RV generators that you can equip your RV with in order to make sure that you’ll always have the power you’ll need on every trip you embark on.

All you have to do is choose which RV generator is the right one for you, load it into your vehicle and you’ll be ready for your next adventure.  It’s time to power up and hit the road…


Cummins Onan 2.5HGJBB-1121 RV QG 2500 Watt LP Vapor Generator

For over a century, Cummins has been one of the foremost names in power generation.

They built their brand making engines and generators, and when it comes to making power, no-one knows how to do it better than Cummins do.

That’s why this purpose-designed RV generator tops our list, as it was made to be securely installed, and used, in any, and all, RV’s.

Powered by LP Gas, or as it’s more commonly known Propane, this clean-burning generator has its own internal muffler, which is fully compliant with all safety standards and at peak operation, cranks out just sixty-eight decibels of noise, which means that it allows adheres to National Park guidelines.

It produces one and hundred and ten volts, so it’s able to run all of your electrical devices, and as it’s controlled by a microprocessor it’ll keep the power flowing freely and eliminate any risk of overload caused by unwanted spikes in the supply.

Installed as an extra in a lot of new RV’s, this Cummins generator was engineered and designed for those who love to live on the road.

Made to make your RV life simple, straightforward and easy, as soon as it’s installed in your vehicle, it’ll be ready to go whenever you are.


It’s a purpose-built RV generator, so it doesn’t matter how big or small your RV is, as long as your vehicle has a slot for a generator, the Cummins Onan can be installed.

Fully compliant with all National Parks noise level guidelines, it’ll run at sixty-eight decibels at peak operation. It won’t ruin your party and it won’t keep your newest neighbors awake at night, it’ll just keep on making power as long as you keep the propane flowing.

An internal microprocessor controls every aspect of the generator’s functionality and consistently and continually monitors for spikes and troughs in the supply and prevents them from ruining your day with unwanted overloads.

It uses propane to generate power and that fuel is dispersed via the Cummins Onan internal muffler system. It’s clean, reliable, and easy to maintain and use, and ticks all of the boxes in the RV generator rulebook.


While Cummins Onan has measured their RV generators sound level at sixty-eight decibels, some RV devotees have reported that it’s actually a little louder than that, and is closer to seventy-eight decibels than the figure Cummins quotes. If you’re sitting in your RV while it’s running, that sort of volume of noise might be slightly problematic if you’re particularly fond of peace and quiet.

It isn’t exactly cheap. This generator comes with a hefty price tag that’ll blow your pocketbook apart, and unless you’ve got money to burn and are dead set on having your generator installed, it might be worth looking at a couple of other generators before laying down your hard-earned dollars for the Cummins. 


Honda 662220 EU2200i 2200 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

If you’re anything like us, the first thing that you’ll think about when you hear the name Honda are motorcycles and SUV’s, and more than likely, generators won’t even cross your mind.

So, we were more than a little surprised and astonished to discover that Honda is actually one of the world's leading manufacturers of portable generators, and this two thousand watt powerhouse is one of the best generators that this automotive titan makes.

This gasoline-fueled generator will provide up to ten hours worth of power from a single tank of go-go juice and even when it’s running at full throttle, it won’t exceed fifty-seven decibels.

It’s quieter than having a subdued conversation with a reluctant teenager, and as it weighs just forty pounds can be taken anywhere, and everywhere with you.

It’ll even switch itself off when its fuel runs dry, so you’ll never have to worry about draining stale fuel and any of the mechanical problems that it can cause. Just fuel it up, switch it on and let it run.

As it features multiple power outlets, you won’t be limited or restricted by the Honda, and it’ll fit neatly into your RV family and supply all of your power requirements wherever you end up.

Efficiency and simplicity lie at the heart of everything that Honda does, and this generator wholeheartedly embraces that philosophy and will help to make the days and nights that you spend in your RV easy and straightforward.


It’s quiet, efficient (producing ten hours of power from a single tank of fuel) and light, which is everything that a portable RV generator should be.

The power it produces, unlike a lot of portable generators, is clean and stable, so you’ll never have to worry about overloads or anything you run off it being damaged by “dirty” power.

It can power multiple devices at once without sacrificing functionality or versatility. Which, if you’ve hit the road with a couple of teenagers in tow, you’ll thank your maker for when you stop as it’ll keep their boredom at bay.

The Honda name is worth its weight in gold, and you’ll never have to worry or think, about build quality or reliability. It’ll just keep on making power for as long as you want it too.


While it isn’t in the same budgetary league as the Cummins, the Honda isn’t exactly cheap either. Quality, reliability, and versatility come at a price, and that price is reassuringly high. 


Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator with Electric Start

In the last two decades, Champion has forged an undiminished reputation in the field of portable power generation, and whether you’re at home, at work, or on vacation, their generators make the power that makes your life easier.

Champion has transformed the process of power generation into an art form, and this RV friendly portable generator encapsulates everything that they do best in a ninety-five-pound frame.

A dual fuel generator, the Champion can produce seven and half hours worth of power from a single tank of gas and fourteen and half hours worth of juice from a twenty-pound propane tank.

Operating at just fifty decibels, it’s a one-button quick start machine that pumps out clean electricity to safely power any devices you want to run off it, and should it ever run dry or low on oil, it’ll shut itself down. It’s an ideal campsite generator that’ll stay faithful and true no matter where you go.

Crammed full of the sort of staggering power generating technology that would puzzle and befuddle the best of us if Champion’s engineers tried to explain it, it’s a simple to use, and easy to run and maintain portable generator that’ll power any getaway or vacation it’s taken on.

All you have to do is load it into your RV and switch it on, and Champion will do the rest.


It’s efficient and simple to use and maintain, and the dual-fuel system it uses to generate electricity gives you the freedom to choose which you want to use, propane or gasoline, and when you want to use them.

It’s also quiet. At just fifty-nine decibels, when your campsite evenings are in full swing, you won’t even know that the Champion is there.

And it even comes with a limited three-year warranty, that’ll give you the peace of mind to strike out to parts unknown in your RV, content in the knowledge that your power supply is fully covered.


When it’s burning propane to generate electricity, it can, on rare occasions, start to leak. Not a lot, but enough to make you worry, even though you don’t need to.

The carburetor it uses isn’t exactly great and has been known to fail. And if it does, your dual fuel generator will become a propane only generator. 


Generac 6866 iQ2000 Super Quiet 1600 Running Watts/2000 Starting Watts Gas Powered Inverter Generator - CARB Compliant

Generac has been the number one name in affordable power production for the last half-century. They’ve dedicated themselves to making sure that their equipment can keep you on track wherever you are.

Having made their name in household back-up generators, they turned their attention to the world of portable power generation. And this gasoline-powered unit incorporates, and utilizes everything that Generac has learned about making power in the last fifty years.  

Producing seven and half hours worth of electricity from a full tank of gasoline, this super quiet generator has three different operating modes, so regardless of how much power you want to use or need, it’ll be able to supply it.

Simple to use and efficient, it makes cleaner than clean electricity so you’ll never have to worry about your most sensitive equipment being damaged or blown up by polluted power while you’re using a Generac.

You’re right, Generac isn’t a household name, but that isn’t something that you need to worry about. They’re a company that prefers to let their products do the talking and they’ve made their name by putting their faith into everything they make.

Even though you’ve almost certainly never heard of them, you can put your trust in Generac and they’ll never let you, or your RV, down. 


Incredibly light, the Generac weighs less than fifty pounds so it’s an ideal portable generator to sling in the back of your RV before you head out on the open road to who knows where.

It’s simple to use, easy to set-up, and maintain, and thanks to having three distinct and different operating modes, can cope with whatever power demands you’ll have. It’s all in one electricity making machine that’ll keep your entire family smiling while you’re camping in the wilderness. 


While Generac is keen to focus on the fact that it’s super-quiet, they don’t actually supply any decibel measurements for this generator. Is it quiet? We suppose so because Generac says it is. But we can’t tell you how quiet it is, because Generac won’t tell us what volume it runs at. 

And some RV fanatics have reported that when they first used it, this Generac generator was prone to running rough and took a while to find it’s flow and settle down. While that’s a little disconcerting, it’s apparently normal for this generator. So don’t worry, and don’t panic, it’ll run as it should after you’ve been using it for a while.


An American institution, Westinghouse has been generating power, in one form or another, for nearly one hundred and fifty years.

From household energy to nuclear power, they’ve done, and continue to do it all, so if you’re going to put your electrical fate in anyone’s hands, you’re going to want to make sure that they know what they’re doing.

And Westinghouse knows exactly what they’re doing as far as power generation is concerned. They were among the first to do it and wrote the book on, and about, how to do it.

Weighing in at just forty-eight pounds, this incredibly efficient portable generator will produce ten hours’ worth of power on a single tank of gasoline.

Running at just fifty-two decibels, it has two USB and two standard outputs so it can keep an entire family charged and powered as long as it has fuel to power it.

A masterclass in the production of clean and stable power, this portable RV power generator epitomizes everything that Westinghouse does and is reliable, durable, and incredibly straightforward to use and operate.

While we’re not exactly prone to waxing superlative, this is the RV generator that has stolen our hearts. It’s light, efficient, quiet, and affordable and does everything that Westinghouse says it will and a whole lot more besides.

It’s nice to know that in a world beset by all sorts of problems, that are still some institutions that you can believe in.


Thanks to all of the technology that Westinghouse has packed into the design of this generator, it’ll constantly monitor the power that you’re using and adjust it’s generating cycle accordingly. In other words, it’ll only make the power that you need it to,

It’s light and quiet, and as it’s compact, is the definition of portability. It’s almost as though it was engineered specifically to be used with RVs.

The Westinghouse is literally half the price of the other generators on our list, which pushes it to the number on the position in the RV generator affordability chart.


The only issue that we’ve ever had with the Westinghouse is changing its oil. Because of the position of its reserve, it’s a little daunting and can be difficult. But that’s about it. That is literally the only fault that we’ve ever been able to find with this astonishingly affordable RV generator. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An RV Generator?

An RV generator is a portable power generator that can either be taken with you on vacation or installed in your RV.

Designed to produce power independent of any external source, they are an ideal way to ensure that you’ll always have more than enough electricity to power whatever devices you want to use, wherever you want to use them. 

Fuelled by either gasoline or propane, or in some cases both, RV (or portable) power generators should be quiet, compact, lightweight, efficient, and easy to use.

While that sounds like a lot of requirements, nearly every modern portable power generator incorporates all of those features into their designs, and as such can be used in the home or at work as back-up generators as well as fulfilling their primary function as RV generators. 

Which RV Generator Is The Right One For Me?

All of the RV generators on our list fulfill the same purpose. That is, they’ll make the power that you need to fuel your vacation.

But the questions that you need to ask yourself before investing in an RV generator are, do you want your generator to be installed in your RV and what sort of budget do you have to spend on a generator for your RV? 

If you do want a purpose made generator installed in your RV, then the only choice is the Cummins. While it’s a superb piece of engineering, it is incredibly expensive and isn’t the generator that we use.  We’ve always, without hesitation, put all of our generating needs squarely in the hands of Westinghouse.

Their portable generator is efficient, light, quiet, and as well as being affordable, is extremely versatile, and should we ever have a household electrical emergency, we know that we’ll be able to use it to see us through any power-based catastrophe. 

That said, the choice is entirely up to you. The road is calling, it’s time for us to pack up and head out on our next adventure. And who knows, maybe we’ll see you out there. 

Happy motoring! 

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