Fairfield Renewable Energy Power Plant and Resource Recovery Project

Energy Answers International is developing the Fairfield Renewable Energy Power Plant on the industrial-zoned, former FMC site located on the Fairfield Peninsula in Baltimore, Maryland. The 140 MW combined heat and power plant is designed to provide wholesale energy to help meet regional demands, as well as reduced priced retail energy as an attraction for energy intensive industries to co-locate at an Eco-Industrial Park to be developed on the 90-acre "brownfield" site.

On Tuesday, May 17th, Governor Martin O'Malley announced he will be signing Senate Bill 690, for Renewable Energy Portfolio - Waste-to-Energy and Refuse-Derived Fuel. O'Malley states, "Despite the success of recycling programs in our State, including in Harford and Montgomery counties, where existing waste-to-energy facilities coexist with robust recycling programs, the reality is that Marylanders generate tons of solid waste each and every day. If there is no waste-to-energy facility available, these tons of trash are simply dumped into landfills, no value is derived from the waste, and our State continues to rely on coal-fired generation to account for 55% of our energy needs." "Therefore, the question is not whether waste-to-energy facilities are better for the environment than coal-fired generation or better for the environment than the land filling of trash, but rather whether waste-to-energy facilities are better than the combination of coal and land filling, based on the best available science. The answer to that question is a qualified 'yes'."

From a letter sent to Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley, "The Fairfield Renewable Power Plant project will become a national model for the creation of green jobs, while solving or mitigating many energy and environmental problems at the same time." To read more.....

Energy Answers is proud to announce the Kick Off of the Fairfield Renewable Energy Project. Click below to see a short video of the Kick Off Event held 10/18/2010.

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The project will:

Generate energy from renewable and alternative fuels
Increase regional recycling rates
Recover valuable materials for commercial reuse
Reduce landfilling and associated greenhouse gas emissions
Redevelop a "brownfield" site into an Eco-Industrial Park
Create over 180 permanent "green collar" jobs and opportunities for hundreds more
Create an average of 400 union construction jobs over a 3 year period
Provide new industrial services facilities in the neighboring communities to service the Fairfield Renewable Energy Power Plant needs
Two recent reports detailing the Fairfield Project's benefits can be accessed by following these links. The Sage Policy Group Report details the economic impact that the Project will have. Sage Policy Group, Inc. supports the informational needs of decision makers in the business, non-profit and public sectors. Their approach involves the timely use of economic theory, principles of policy and analytical tools, providing decision makers with an understanding of emerging trends and the likely ramifications of their choices.

Research Triangle Institute's mission affirms, their dedication to improving the human condition by turning knowledge into practice through cutting-edge study and analysis in health and pharmaceuticals, education and training, surveys and statistics, advanced technology, international development, economic and social policy, energy and the environment, and laboratory and chemistry services. The RTI International Report details the environmental benefits of the Project.

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