Five Best Steam Shower Generators

Whether you are a CEO, tradesperson, or full-time parent, the peace and tranquillity that you experience in the shower can not be compared to anything else.

From the second the bathroom door clicks shut you know that this is your time. Your time to shut out the world, switch off from your troubles and focus on yourself.  

So why would you want anything less than the best from your shower? There is nothing worse than when that peaceful moment is ruined by a shower that won’t heat up or produce enough steam.

Nothing is more demotivating than standing lifeless for five minutes while you wait for the shower temperature to increase to just about bearable.  

Five Best Steam Shower Generators

But here’s the thing, with these steam shower generators that will be a problem of the past that in the future you will only reflect upon on a sunny Sunday afternoon and no longer relive.

Steam showers allow you to really enhance your evening routine.

After a long day, your muscles are bound to ache, but the extra warmth produced by the steam will help your blood to flow, improve your circulation and ease muscle soreness.   

A great steam shower relies on a great generator and therefore it’s important that you pick the one that meets your needs.

Choosing a generator can seem intimidating with the vast array of options staring you down but fear not this article will guide you through picking the ideal one for you.  


Steamist Premium 7 KiloWatt Home Steam Generator, TSG-7, for Use with Steamist Totalsense Spa Features and Controls, Includes Control Cable

Steamist’s Premium 7 KiloWatt Home Steam Generator is one of the most popular steam shower generators on the market and is one to be considered by all potential buyers.  

Firstly, it boasts an impressive level of control by enabling variable steam output which puts the freedom to choose at your very own fingertips.   

Sometimes you might want a little steam just to detox and relax but other days you may feel the need for a heavy-hitting level of steam to allow it to soak your aching muscles and relieve tension.

The perk is with the Steamist Premium model you can make that choice day by day and night by night to suit your needs.   

Secondly, this model is well renowned for the reliable quality of the steam that it creates.

This important factor is achieved by the stainless-steel tank and quality components used by the manufacturer.  

Not only this but the innovative people over at Steamist also Include an Instamist within the generator to allow for faster heat-up of steam and a more continuous flow.  


  • Variable steam output- Making the steam levels meet your differing needs each day depending on the reason for the shower.  
  • Stainless steel tank and quality components- Making the generator reliable and giving it a long life expectancy. 
  • Includes an instamist- allowing steam to heat up quicker and flow more continuously.  
  • Compact- allowing for easy maneuvering and installation as well as allowing it to fit in more places.


  • No option to upgrade the number of Kilowatts- You get no choice in the electrical power of the generator as it is only available at 7 kilowatts and can not be upgraded or downgraded. 


Superior Steam Shower Generator DeLuxe | Self Draining Steam Shower Kit | 9kW Touch Control in White | Aromatherapy Steam Head | Programmable temperature & time DeLuxe control for Perfect Steam

Steam Planet is a well-trusted brand when it comes to steam shower generators and this particular product does not disappoint.

The Superior Steam Generator DeLuxe is a strong 12 kilowatts which makes it one of the strongest featured generators.  

This impressive piece of equipment is not only quick to heat and reliable but also self-draining meaning that it will outlive a lot of its competitors.  

Of course, one of the main aims of the steam shower is to act as your own little utopia, and when assessing in terms of relaxation this machine is top of our list.

It offers an aromatherapy delivery system included with your new steam generator.  

This gives the generator the much-appreciated ability to heat up your favorite essential oils and then gently infuse them into your steam shower, creating a zen atmosphere.    

Overall, this generator is eager to please and focused on the experience of a steam shower as opposed to simply being a top-seller for its technical components.   


  • Aromatherapy delivery system- A unique feature allowing for a more relaxing and atmospheric steam shower.  
  • Self-draining- Leaving less room for error and making usage simpler and less time-consuming. 
  • 12 Kilowatts – Generous level of power allowing for a reliable amount of electricity and a powerful generator making it work faster and more frequently.  


  • Heavy Weight- Making it harder to transport and set up.


CGOLDENWALL 9KW Commercial Self-Draining Steam Generator Shower System Bath 30 min to 12 Hours with Intelligent touch controller For suitable space heating 9 m³/ 318 cubic feet (9KW)

This generator prides itself on its dual tank technology making it efficient and reliable compared to many of its competitors.

It is also built to minimize and muffle all of the mechanical and operational sounds that accompany such a powerful machine. 

The CGOLDENWALL Commercial Self-Draining Steam Generator is one of the most intelligent on the market as it offers both automatic segment heating and automatic diagnostics.

This allows for an easy experience, quick fixes, and less mechanical breakdowns.  

Once again, this generator also has the ever-helpful auto drainage function which means with no need to make time for manual drainage there is more time to enjoy the LED display segment heating and hot steamy environment.  

Another perk of this durable machine is that it is compact and allows for easy self-installation meaning as soon as this new and exciting adventure arrives at your door it's go time!

No need to wait for the local handyman, the power is all in your hands.

In terms of size, it is  24 x 20.2 x 11.3 inches making it easy to find space for even in the most homely of bathrooms. 

So, whether you live in a chic city flat or a flattering 5-bed farmhouse this could be the machine for you.   


  • Compact- Allowing for easy transportation and installation. 
  • The choice to decrease Kilowatts- Giving you the freedom to customize the generator to suit your needs and demands. 
  • Self-draining- Saving you time and effort that could be spent enjoying the generator instead.   


  • The highest Kilowattage is 10.5- Meaning that this is not one of the most powerful generators on the market and that it may lack electrical force when it comes to the amount and strength of the steam produced.


KOHLER 5531-NA Invigoration Series 11kW Steam Generator, Fast-Response and Power Clean Technology, 11 kW

Despite its robotic-sounding name, the Kohler steam generator is one of the publics’ favorites and will be found in steam showers all over the USA.

Kohler prides itself on bringing fast technology to the market and when it comes to a steam generator that is exactly what you need, no one wants to be waiting ten minutes to jump into their hot and steamy shower before work, sending their whole day off track and behind schedule.  

So, here is the solution, this particular generator’s fast-response technology means it is able to provide a steam sensation just 60 seconds after you hit the “on” switch.   

Being such a technological and savvy piece of equipment, this Kohler product is the gift that keeps on giving.

It boasts an impressive Power clean technology that allows for one-touch automatic cleaning, meaning that with just one click your generator will be as good as new.

This little feature will also save you from the monotonous cleaning tasks because no one has time to tend to that on a Monday morning.

Now you will have more time to focus on what’s really important.   

Although we recommend the 11 Kilowatts generator for your steam shower Kohler is able to offer this product in a range of power levels ranging from 5 Kilowatts to 30 Kilowatts which is one of the biggest ranges on the market allowing even more freedom of choice.   


  • Fast technology-no depressing wait times while your shower gets hot and steamy.  
  • One-touch automatic cleaning- Giving the generator a longer life span and saving you time and effort.  
  • Wide range of Kilowatts available – Giving you the full freedom to customize the power of your generator and create the ideal product depending on how powerful you need it to be.   


  • Basic model with few additional features- Although this product is rather technologically advanced it has no unique selling point or exciting extra features.


This Thermasol product is a real crowd pleaser and covers most people’s needs and wants when it comes to a steam shower generator.   

This machine works through Smartsteam which allows for perfect temperature maintenance and stops random temperature fluctuations.

We all know that there is nothing worse than when you’re having a steamy soak imaging you’ve reached a far-off scorching holiday destination and suddenly you are blasted with what feels like Alaskan territory.

Now, that could be a problem of the past. 

Impressively, this clever little machine also heats incredibly quickly allowing for steam within seconds of being turned on, which means no more standing mournfully waiting. 

In terms of reducing wasted time this generator really is the one. It also boasts an amazing auto-power flush which is created by a reliable, pressurized inner tank cleaning system, as opposed to the less reliable gravity drain which many of the predecessors and competitors pose.   

One major plus of this generator is that it can be plumbed up to 50 feet away from the shower without the need to upsize.

This means that regardless of the size of your bathroom or the space left to plumb, this is a viable option for almost every steam shower.   


  • Smartsteam- Allowing you to reach and maintain the perfect temperature of steam.  
  • Heats quickly- Providing steam within seconds and stopping wasted waiting time.  
  • Pressurized inner tank cleaning system- One of the most reliable self-cleaning systems on the market meaning that it will be well cleaned and save you time.  
  • Can be plumbed up to 50 feet from the shower- This means that regardless of the size of your bathroom this generator has potential as it can be plumbed elsewhere in the house.  


  • Cannot choose Kilowatts- The electrical power of this generator is not variable meaning that if you need an extremely powerful generator this may not be the one for you.  

Best Steam Shower Generators Buying Guide

Ultimately, you might think that it’s the showerhead and panel that are important when it comes to a steam shower.

It’s easy to forget what goes on behind the scenes, but when it comes to it the generator is at the heart of any steam shower so a good generator means a good shower.   

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to choose the right generator and when doing so there is a lot to consider, for instance:  

Heat Up Speed   

How long a generator takes to heat up can vary massively from seconds to minutes.

This is important to think about when choosing a generator as the frustration caused by waiting, shivering, and being cold for minutes can really destroy the whole purpose of having a steam shower in the first place.     

Of course, only you can decide how important this is when buying a generator.

If your routine allows you to wait an extra couple of minutes before a hot and steamy evening shower then this might not be one of the most important factors for you. 

However, if your steam shower is to be used early in the morning when you’re racing to start the day then arguably this could be the most important factor.   


One thing that people often forget to consider when purchasing a generator is the measurements. The length, width, and height vary quite dramatically from model to model.

This is extremely important to think about as a generator that doesn't fit in your bathroom or required space is about as useful as no generator at all!   

When considering size, it is also important to look at how far away from the shower the generator can be plumbed as this can vary massively.

For instance, a generator may be far too big to fit within the space available in your bathroom but may be able to be fitted 50 feet away meaning that it could be put in the under stairs cupboard and still work perfectly for you.  

Noise Production 

One common connotation of machinery is noise.

When you first think of machinery you immediately imagine big, loud monstrosities that lead to noise pollution and annoy you and the neighbors day in and day out.  

But for many steam shower generators, this is not at all applicable.

Of course, to say that all of the generators on the market are noise-free would be wildly inaccurate however it does vary from product to product.  

For many, the whole purpose of a steam shower is to relax, unwind and switch off and an obnoxiously loud generator could not further oppose such ideas.

Therefore, if a peaceful environment is what you are after, low noise production should be near the top of your tick list when deciding on a generator for your home.  

However, if you are purchasing for purely practical measures such as improving your circulation a small level of noise may not disturb you too much.   

Price & Warranty 

Finally, it’s a good idea to consider your budget before you start looking for a steam shower generator.

Prices can vary quite dramatically depending on brand but, by doing a little research and shopping around, you may be surprised to find that you can find something equally as good for a lower price. 

While you’re looking at prices, take a moment to explore what sort of warranty your potential steam shower generator comes with as well.

The longer the better here, as this will cover you for repair or replacement and, ultimately, save you money in the unlikely event of something going wrong. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does A Steam Shower Generator Last?  

Of course, there are multiple factors that affect how long a steam shower generator will last such as the quality of the generator itself, how often it is used, and how well it is maintained.

Therefore, the best way to make a generator last a long time is simply to buy a high-quality model and to make sure that it is well looked after!

When all of the above is adhered to it is not unreasonable to suggest that the right generator, in the right situation could last for decades.  

Do Steam Showers Use A Lot Of Water?  

One common misconception of steam showers is that they use a lot more water than a traditional shower. Surprisingly, this is not the case at all!

In fact, a 20-minute normal shower can use more than 50 gallons of water, whereas a steam shower can run off as little as 2 gallons.

This just goes to show that the steam shower not only benefits your mind, body, and soul but also our environment, what’s not to love? 

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