How Can I Tell How Old My Honda Generator Is (Using the Serial Number)

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a Honda generator, knowing the age can help with understanding the quality of the item.

An older generator may have some problems you want to be aware of, and age can help determine the longevity. Which is especially useful if you need to set a price.

Often, to find the age of machinery, the serial number is the key. This string of digits at first seems random, but actually uses a code to indicate details of the product's manufacturing history.

How Can I Tell How Old My Honda Generator Is (Using the Serial Number)

In many cases, it’s possible to decode the serial number, and find out when and where your generator was made.

Honda generators do use a serial number, and it can help you determine the age of the item. However, it isn’t simple to do at home because the key isn’t readily available to the public.

Having located the model and serial number, the best thing to do is contact Honda directly. They should be able to provide you with all the details you need.

How Can I Tell The Age Of My Honda Generator?

To find the age of a Honda generator, contacting Honda customer services directly is recommended.

Once you’ve provided them with a serial number, they should be able to provide information about the manufacturing history.

The first step is to find the serial number and model number of your generator. B

oth these details should be easy to locate, either on the casing, or directly on the generator. Make a note of the numbers before contacting Honda. Taking a picture is generally a good idea.

Next, either contact Honda online, or via the phone. Once they have the serial and model number, you should get an answer about the age.

There are websites online that claim to decode serial numbers. They can potentially be very useful, and are often free. If you’re struggling with Honda customer support, it’s worth trying a decoder online. However, the accuracy of these sites can be variable.

If you’re hoping for a general time period - rather than a specific year - searching online can help narrow down the age. Certain generators will have only been manufactured for a short time period.

Having located the model number and serial number, it’s possible to find the period in which the generator was available for sale. Although it may not give you the exact details of your own generator, it’s helpful to have an idea of age.

Having an estimate of the age of the generator can reveal a fair amount about the expected condition. Knowing the exact year it was manufactured is more useful, but the longer process required to get this information might be off-putting.

Finding And Understanding The Serial Number

Many brands create their serial numbers using a code related to certain areas of the product's manufacturing history. These numbers/letters are used to indicate when and where the product was made, and information relating to its usage.

Once you understand the code, the serial number can be used to build a picture of the generator's history.

It isn’t quite so simple with a Honda generator. Although the serial number will give details of the generator's age, the key to decoding this number isn’t easily available.

However, knowing the model and serial number is still an important step. If you intend to contact Honda directly, or try an online decoder, then the serial number will be required. Which means you have to find it.

Thankfully, finding the serial number is much easier than understanding it. It’s typically printed on a sticker, and attached to the support frame.

Look toward the bottom of the generator, or in the lower corners. If you’re struggling to find the serial number on a specific model, you can often find a detailed explanation of where to look online.

Whilst you’re searching, make a note of the model number as well. This goes hand-in-hand with the serial number. If you’re speaking to customer services, they’re likely to ask for both.

The model number is printed directly onto the generator, typically under the brand logo. Look for a set of digits starting with “E”.

How Important Is Finding The Age Of The Generator?

As you’ve probably noticed, finding the exact age of a Honda generator can be quite some effort. If you’re trying to date the generator simply out of casual interest, then it may not be worth doing at all.

However, if you want a better idea of the condition of the generator, then age can be an important factor. 

When a generator starts acting up, or it seems to be experiencing problems, knowing the age can be key. It helps you to understand if issues might be a result of general wear and tear, or if there’s a bigger problem at hand.

Of course, if you’re looking to sell the generator, then it might be necessary to provide the age. Although age may be less important than the overall condition, it’s still a useful piece of information to have. 


Finding the age of your Honda generator isn’t as simple as locating the serial number and doing the math. Knowing the model number may help you get a rough estimate of when the model was manufactured.

To find the accurate age of an old Honda generator, it’s recommended to contact Honda directly.

They can use the serial number to find out when the generator was manufactured, as well as some other useful information. 

If you’re interested in the age because you want to sell, or you’re experiencing a problem, then contact Honda customer services.

In many cases, finding the age using a serial number is a simple case of looking online. With a Honda generator, things are slightly more complicated - but not impossible.

A quick look over the generator should reveal a serial and model number, and then Honda themselves can provide the rest of the details.

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