Pulsar Generator Reviews

Whether you are looking for a backup generator, or one to take away with you in an RV - it is important to know that what you're buying works and works well. 

Pulsar is an American company based in California, who has a reputation for producing good quality and affordable generators.

You're here because you want to know if this is true and if Pulsar generators are worth the money. 

In this article, we are going to be looking at the company and its top 5 generators. We also have a buyer's guide to purchasing generators, and a generators FAQ at the very end of this article. 

By the time you have finished this article, you will know everything you need to make an informed purchase of a Pulsar generator. 

Let's dive straight in...  

Who Is Pulsar?

Based in Ontario, California, Pulsar is a company that designs and manufactures electrical goods. Their range includes power tools, generators, cameras, binoculars, and safety equipment. 

Their products are designed in the USA but manufactured in China. 

They have a reputation for producing cost-effective generators that are not only well-priced but reliable too. 

Their customer service team has an unblemished reputation and is known for being helpful and friendly.

Pulsar Generator Reviews 

Below you will find reviews of Pulsar's five most popular generators. 


Pulsar 12,000W Dual Fuel Portable Generator with Electric Start and Switch & Go Technology, CARB Approved PG12000B

With great power comes great… weight and noise. 

The PG12000B is Pulsar's most powerful generator.

If you're looking for a lot of bang for your buck then you really can't go wrong with this generator. 

You get an amazing power output, at a great price if you can put up with the noise.  

We love this generator.

If you were looking to buy a machine this powerful from another company, you would be looking at paying three times the price.

That alone is reason enough to buy it in our eyes. 

Another feather in this machine's cap is that it runs on a dual power system - propane and gasoline.

Not only this but you can switch between these two power sources without turning the machine off. 

If you're looking to move this machine around you may have a little trouble, as it is very heavy (more on that later), however, this generator is fitted with sturdy wheels and a load baring handle that makes the job a lot easier.  

Let's quickly look at the two main downsides of this generator. 

Firstly, it is noisy, like instant headache noisy. If you have an outhouse where you keep this as an emergency generator this will be no issues.

On the other hand, we don't recommend using this to power your RV if you or (or anyone within 500 meters of you) want to sleep. 

Secondly, this is a heavy machine. It weighs over 200 lbs.

This is a direct consequence of the amount of power it is able to produce.

For that reason, we can excuse this, however, it's something to think about if you want to travel with this generator.

As we mentioned before the handle and wheels do make it easier to move, but that doesn't change how heavy this is. 


  • Runs on a duel fuel system 
  • You can switch between power sources mid-use
  • Pulsar's most powerful machine 
  • Wheels and handle make this easy to move 
  • Awesome price for the power


  • This is a very loud generator. 
  • This machine is heavy! It weighs over 200 lbs


Pulsar G12KBN Heavy Duty Portable Dual Fuel Generator - 9500 Rated Watts & 12000 Peak Watts - Gas & LPG - Electric Start - Transfer Switch & RV Ready - CARB Compliant

This is a solid option if you are looking for a 9500-watt generator, but doesn't cut it if you want something that can produce 12,000 watts.

If you want 12,000 watts we recommend looking at the option above. 

It shares many of the same good points as the PG12000B, however, it has a few more flaws.

Let's start by looking at what it does right. 

This is also a dual fuel generator - propane and gasoline-powered.

This is also a machine with which you can switch power source during use, rather than having to power it down to switch. 

It has the same easy to move set up as the PG120000B, with a load-bearing handle and heavy wheels that increase portability.

But like the above option, this is a heavy piece of kit.  

The power levels of this machine peak at 12,000 watts, but it consistently offers 9500 watts.

For your personal safety, we suggest that you see this as a 9500-watt generator rather than a 12,000-watt generator. 

Let's quickly discuss the cons of this machine. 

Like we mentioned earlier, this is a heavy machine, also coming in at over 200 lbs.

Like the PG12000B, it is also a loud machine. It is quieter than the option above, but not quite quiet enough to bring on an RV trip. 

The major flaw of this generator is that it is quite expensive for the amount of power it offers, especially compared to the rest of the Pulsar range.

If you are willing to pay that much, you may as well spend the extra $100 and get the PG12000B. 


  • Runs on a dual fuel system 
  • You can switch between power sources mid-use
  • Can run at 12,000 some of the time
  • Wheels and handle make this easy to move 


  • Power to price ratio isn't the best 
  • Can't always run at 12,000 wats 
  • This is a loud machine 


Pulsar 5,250W Dual Fuel Portable Generator with Switch and Go Technology, PG5250B

We see this generator as the PG12000B mini. It is similar in many ways, excluding the power output and the price to power ratio. 

We have often seen this generator come in at a similar, if not identical price to the PG12000B.

This is a shame as it produces less than half the amount of power the bigger machine does.

If you see these machines at the same price you're better off choosing the more powerful model. 

Where this does have an edge on the PG12000B is in the weight category.

This generator only weighs 115 lbs. That is still quite heavy, but compared to the other Pulsar generators we've tried this is quite impressive. 

It comes with a near-identical load-bearing bar and heavy-duty wheels to the two choices above.

However, because it is much lighter than them it is extremely easy to move around. 

This is another dual fuel system - running on both gasoline and propane gas.

Like the other two generators, you do not have to turn this one off to switch power sources, you can do it on the go. 

This is another loud Pulsar machine. This is not a brand that can do quiet generators, however, we are willing to let this go for the lower price point they offer. 

This machine has a very bad price to power output ratio - as we mentioned above, it is often the same price as the twice as powerful PG12000B. 

The other disappointing factor about the PG5250 is its poor fuel economy, which makes it an even worse value for money. We'd recommend skipping over this model. 


  • Dual fuel system 
  • Portable


  • Fuel economy is poor 
  • Loud (do not take camping!) 
  • Medium weight
  • Expensive for power output


We would put this generator in our top three Pulsar choices. 

There are very few bad things you can say about this machine so let's start there. 

Like all the other Pulsar generators this thing is loud.

Don't take it camping or on an RV trip without heavy-duty earplugs and a lack of neighbors.

This will be absolutely fine in an out-house at home though. 

The second, and final issue with this generator is that it is quite heavy.

Yes, it has the same thick wheels and load-bearing handle that the three options above do, but it still weighs 156 lbs before the fuel is added! 

However, this is run on the awesome dual fuel system Pulsar has - gasoline and propane gas.

It also has a really great fuel economy - so you will save money there. 

Unlike the PG5250, this machine comes at a great price.

It cost nearly half what the option above does, despite producing more power, and having an extra 1250 watts of peak power. 


  • Great price for power output 
  • Dual fuel system 
  • Easy to move 
  • Up to 6500 watts (peak) 
  • Great fuel economy


  • Medium weight 
  • Loud (like the rest of the Pulsar range) 


Pulsar G2319N 2,300W Portable Gas-Powered Inverter Generator with USB Outlet & Parallel Capability, CARB Compliant, Gray

This is our second favorite generator from Pulsar. This compact yet powerful machine is reliable and has a great fuel economy.

The bigger machines from Pulsar should really be taking notes. 

Let's start with the good points. 

This is a lightweight machine, weighing less than 50 lbs! Despite that, it can hold 1.8 gallons of fuel.

The generator comes with a wide handle that distributes the machine's weight well, making it easy to move around. 

Unlike other small generators we've tested, this machine is so easy to start.

You simply have to turn a key, no pulling or manual labor required here. 

We have mentioned that this is a small machine, and this is one of its biggest pros.

It is so small it can be easily stored on a garage shelf or in the boot of a small car. 

If you're looking for a value for money machine we would have to point you towards this or the PG12000B.

Not only does this little guy have great power to price ratio but it also has an impressive fuel economy. This type of fuel economy is lacking in other Pulsar machines. 

So, does it have any flaws? 

It has a few minor flaws, yes. You should consider this machine an 1800-watt machine rather than a 2300-watt generator.

As it only peaks at 2300, rather than consistently running at that level. 

This is a lot quieter than the other Pulsar machines, however, it does make a very high pitched whine whilst running.

If you are older you probably won't be able to hear this, but it may send your dogs mad. 

Finally, the oil refill system on this generator is a bit of a disgrace.

We recommend having a set of 'oil changing' clothes when you take on this task as you will not walk away unscathed. 


  • Awesome price 
  • Lightweight 
  • Designed to be portable 
  • Best fuel economy on this list 
  • Runs smoothly 
  • Easy to get going 
  • Small (but packs a punch)


  • Changing the oil in this generator is near impossible to do without covering yourself in oil 
  • Low, but high pitched noise 
  • Not consistently running at 2300 watts 

Pulsar Generators - A Buyer's Guide 

This buyers guide is a quick but conclusive guide about purchasing the right generator for your needs: 

Why do you need a generator? 

The first step of buying a generator is to work out what you need to use your new generator for. This will affect the rest of your choices dramatically. 

You may want to use your generator to power your RV. You may want a backup generator for your house. You may want one to recharge dead car batteries.

Once you have decided this you can move onto the next step.  

Pick your size 

Now you know what you are going to use your generator for it's time to get the calculator out. 

All our electronics run at different wattages, so to pick the size of generator you require you will need to work out the total wattage of what you want to power. 

If you want a backup generator for your house you will need something in the region of 10,000+ watts, if you're recharging car batteries 2000 watts will be enough. Powering an RV will fall somewhere in between. 

Once you have worked this out and picked the right sized generator it's time to move onto the next step. 

Pick your type 

Next, you need to choose if you want a battery-powered generator or an oil-powered generator. 

We highly recommend picking an oil (or diesel) powered generator as they are a lot more reliable, and you can refill them with more ease. Dual fuel power options are also a good choice. 


Good products come with good warranties. You should never buy a generator that doesn't come with one. Really you should be looking for the product that offers the longest warranty. 

Any warranty of three years or longer is great for a generator. 


You will need to find somewhere cool and dry to store your generator when it is not in use. An incorrectly stored generator will fail quicker. 

We would recommend picking up a generator cover, this will help keep the damp and dust away from your generator. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Below are the answers to the questions you lot ask us most frequently about generators: 

How long do generators last? 

There are two different answers to this question: 


On a full tank of fuel, a high-quality generator will last for 2-4 hours before it needs to be refilled. 

Shelf life

Most generator manufacturers offer a 1-5 year warranty on their products.

If you are constantly using your generator you should expect it to last a few years longer than your warranty. 

If you are using your generator infrequently then you should expect it to last twice as long (with regular cleaning). 

Where are Pulsar generators made? 

Pulsar generators are made in China.

They are, however, designed and tested in the USA. 

What warranty does Pulsar offer? 

Depending on the individual generator, Pulsar offers a 1-3 year warranty.

Pulsar's customer service team has a great reputation for being super friendly and helpful. If you do have a problem with your generator, you should have no issue resolving it with the company. 

What type of generator is best for a backup generator? 

The good news is that almost every type of generator can function as a backup generator if it is set up correctly. 

What you do need to consider is what size of generator you will need to power your whole house. For example, if you have a large house you will not be able to use a 2000 watt generator to power it. 

We would recommend consulting with an electrician before settling on a backup generator.

Can I run my laptop on a generator? 


A typical laptop runs at around 50 watts, making it a great device to run on a generator. 

Are generators safe to use? 

Legally, generators have to be safe to use to be sold in the USA. 

If you are buying from a USA based, genuine company then you will have no problem buying a safe generator.

 You should be careful when buying from less genuine sources. You should also be careful when buying generators from abroad - as many countries have different mains voltages to the USA.

Using the wrong power level can damage your internal wires, generator, and products that are plugged in. 

If you are particularly worried about safety, look for generators that are CARB approved.  

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