What Can You Run On A 5000 Watt Generator

Losing power is completely out of your control. When a natural disaster strikes, you must make sure you are prepared for anything. It’s quite common that if there is a tornado in your area, your power will be compromised.

In April 2020, 9.3 million people were affected by a power outage thanks to a tornado that traveled from Texas to Maine.

This just goes to show how important it is to keep a generator connected to act as a backup electricity supply if this does happen. 

Now, if you’re new to the generator game and aren’t sure what type to go for, we highly recommend a 5000 Watt generator. Why? We hear you ask. Well, that’s because this generator is ideal for powering a range of household appliances.

Please note that you should only be using this type of generator as a power source if your main electricity source has been shut off. This is a temporary fix with a reliable output. 

So, let’s get down to the good stuff. What can you run on a 5000 Watt generator? We think you’ll love the results!

Kitchen Appliances

The good thing about a 5000 Watt generator is that you can power a wide range of kitchen appliances.

If you experience a power shortage, one of the first things you would want to ensure is that you have access to appliances that will keep you fed and watered. If you have one of these generators, then you don’t have to fear!

First off, we have smaller appliances like a coffee machine, a microwave, or a toaster. These will all run perfectly fine on a 5000 Watt generator.

However, we do recommend not overloading the generator’s capacity by using several appliances at one time. Always aim to use one appliance at a time for safety reasons. 

Another top tip of ours before using a 5000 Watt generator is to only use it for products 5000 Watts or less. Now, you could be wondering, how on earth do I check that?

All you have to do is check the label near the plug. The label will state exactly what wattage it uses. If an appliance has over 5000 watts then we highly do not advise that you use this generator to power it.

Next up, we have larger kitchen appliances like a refrigerator, a freezer, or a clothes washer. Just like we recommended previously, begin by checking the wattage of the appliance before powering it through your generator.

If it is compatible, meaning that it is 5000 Watts or less, then you will be able to run the appliance. However, remember that you should only use one appliance at a time when using a generator as you could overwhelm its system and compromise your back up power source.

Below we have stated the average wattage of some larger appliances to make it easier for you to understand. Please note that you should always double-check your appliance’s label before running power through a 5000 Watt generator.

  • Refrigerator - 3000 Watts to power on, 1000 Watts to continue running
  • Freezer - 3000 Watts to power on, 1000 Watts to continue running
  • Clothes washer - 3500 Watts to power on, 1000 watts to continue running
  • Dishwasher - 1500 Watts to power on, 1500 Watts to continue running
  • Electric oven - 2150 Watts in total to power on and continue running
  • Induction hob - 1400 Watts to power on, 400 Watts to continue running

There are a few appliances that we would not recommend using when connected to a 5000 Watt generator and they include a clothes dryer which needs a whopping 5750 Watts just to power on.

You will need to air your clothes out another way, unfortunately!

Small Electrical Appliances

As well as kitchen appliances, 5000 Watt generators also have the capacity to power other small electrical appliances commonly used in your home. This makes this generator a perfect option for any type of household. 

Gone are the days of lighting hundreds of candles as your source of light during a power outage! Just power up your generator and connect your lamps.

Whether you have a floor lamp, table lamp, or a night light for your kids, you can rest assured that a 5000 Watt generator would have no problem powering them.

If you have an electric heater, then again, you can keep it running with a 5000 Watt generator. This is a huge benefit as if your power gets cut due to a natural disaster your heat source is extremely important.

If you don’t already own an electric blanket, it is a solid investment for an urgent moment like a power cut. You can easily power it on with a 5000 Watt generator to warm you up quickly and provide a good level of heat.

Having a 5000 Watt generator on hand means that you don’t have to miss out on any entertainment. The wattage of a television or radio is low enough to run on this generator so you can stay up-to-date with any local news or some of your favorite programs.

Keeping these connected will keep your kids occupied while your main power supply is off.

If you have just got out of the shower as your electricity went off, do not panic! You can still power a variety of personal grooming products with a 5000 Watt generator.

Hairdryers, straightening or curling irons, electric shavers, and steam irons can all still be used when you have this generator in tow. 

So, a 5000 Watt generator is a good option for any household. There are a small number of electrical appliances which we wouldn’t recommend running whilst using this type of generator though.

Remember to always check the label of any appliance before powering through the generator as a health and safety precaution. 

We do not advise you to use a power shower when connected to a 5000 Watt generator. This is because the wattage of these showers is far too high for this type of generator.

Power Tools

As well as household appliances, you can also run plenty of power tools whilst using a 5000 Watt generator. If you are in the construction industry, this will probably put your mind at ease and you are most welcome! Work doesn’t have to stop when the power supply has been cut. 

If you have a 5000 Watt generator on hand, then you will still be able to carry out many of your services as normal.

Some of the tools which you are able to run include power saws, paint sprayers, grinders, and power drills which all run on less than 5000 Watts.

It is super important not to power on any power tools over 5000 Watts whilst running this type of generator as it will overwhelm the system. This could result in even further power outages.

Office Appliances

If your office is based at home or in a smaller commercial area, then having a 5000 Watt generator nearby is a fantastic option. You’ll be happy to know that you can still run several office appliances with this type of generator. 

The majority of items usually found in an office usually have a low enough wattage to be able to power with this generator. They include printers, projectors, shredding machines, fax machines, copy machines, and you will be able to charge and use your laptop with no issues.

How amazing is that? You’ll be able to keep your team connected and working efficiently even during a power outage. 

If you connect to a generator while working, please inform your colleagues that either you are working from one or that they will always need to check the wattage of an appliance before running through the generator.

Electric Water Heater

If you were let down earlier by the fact that you are unable to use a power shower whilst connected to a 5000 Watt generator, then we have a solution for you.

You can actually power an electric water heater instead. Water heaters can also provide your washing machine or dishwasher with hot water too. Perfect if you need to get your chores done.

The only thing that you need to be careful about when running an electric water heater is not to overload the generator.

On average an electric water heater takes around 4500 Watts to just power on and then 3500 Watts to continue running. It is important to keep track of its usage when powered on through a 5000 Watt generator. 

Always check the label for the wattage level before connecting otherwise you could risk overpowering the system which would result in it shutting down.


To wrap things up, you can run a large variety of items on a 5000 Watt generator.

It could surprise you how much of an efficient backup supply that they bring to the table. Whether you are completing chores in the house, cooking your family a meal, watching television, or even painting your fence with your new sprayer, it can easily be achieved!

As we have reiterated throughout this article, it is essential to always check the label on the item you are looking to power on before connecting it to the generator. The label will clearly state the wattage that the item uses which will help you make safe choices when using this alternative power source. 

Please note that a 5000 Watt generator is a temporary measure and should not be used for long periods of time. If your power supply is out for extended periods, please contact your main supplier of electricity for further information or updates.

As long as you safely follow our advice, you will be able to use a wide range of devices to keep your electricity running just like normal!

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