Who Makes Champion Generator Engines (Inc. Small Engines)

Do you have a Champion generator and are wondering who makes the engine? Perhaps you are considering purchasing a Champion generator and want to know as much as possible about it?

Or maybe you just like knowing where parts of a generator are made? Whatever your reason might be, we have the answer for you!

Who Makes Champion Generator Engines (Inc. Small Engines)

These days, we want to know more and more about a product before we purchase it. We want to know who makes it (and where) to help us determine the quality.

After all, the last thing you want to be stuck with is a poorly performing generator with a sub-par engine!

But finding this information can be challenging and leaves many of us unsure where to turn or who to trust. 

Well, no more! Today, we are here with all the answers you need! Keep reading to find out who makes Champion’s generator engines and their small engines. 

Who Makes Champion Generator Engines?

Let’s get straight into it! Champion is a US brand whose generator engines are designed by their in-house engineering team!

This team is based in the US, with state-of-the-art facilities in Milwaukee, Tennessee, and Toronto! Here the engineers develop their newest engines, designed to be better than before, working with dual-fuel technology and remote starting functions for their newer generator engines being produced. 

However, these engineering experts will not be putting your engine together for your new generator. Instead, the engines are made, assembled, and distributed from China.

There is little information about where these engines are made in China, but it looks as though most of Champion’s product assembly is now completed overseas. 

A good way to look at this is to consider the engine as being phone engineered in the US before being made in China.

We could not find out if Champion owned the warehouse where their engines are made, but it is likely that they do. 

And as they have an in-house team of engineers working on the latest designs and creating their engines, it's safe to say that Champion makes their own generator engines. 

Now, some people would argue they don’t make their generator engines as they are not made here in the US, but it depends on how you look at them.

The design behind the engine and all the hard engineering work to create their new and innovative engines (and older engines) was done right here in the US by some of the industry’s most experienced and talented engineers.

If that doesn’t sound like a US engine, we don’t know what will. 

Champion is considered one of the best brands in the industry, with lots of fantastic customer testimonials about their customer service and the quality of the products.

So while the engines might be made in a Chinese warehouse, they have been designed and engineered by US-based engineers, and it certainly feels and performs like an engine that was made right here in the US! 

What Engines Are Used In Champion Generators?

Champion has a few different engines that are used in their generators these days. All of these engines were designed by their in-house engineering team too!

Champions claim that their engines stay ahead of the curve, bringing out new and better engines that are designed to meet customer’s needs. 

A list of some of the most popular engines used in their generators are: 

  • Champion 79cc 4-stroke engine 
  • Champion 80cc 4-stroke engine
  • Champion 171cc 4-stroke engine 
  • Champion 192cc 4-stroke engine 
  • Champion 212cc 4-stroke engine 
  • Champion 224cc 4-stroke engine 
  • Champion 292cc single-cylinder engine 
  • Champion 420cc 4-stroke engine 
  • Champion 459cc 4-stroke engine 
  • Champion 500cc 4-stroke engine 
  • Champion 717cc 4-stroke V-Twin engine

Within these types of engines, you have a range of single fuel, dual fuel, and wireless start engines, all designed to help you choose the perfect generator that suits your needs.

You can find a full listing of their products directly on Champion’s website, or you can shop the range on Amazon.

Be sure to check out all the specs listed for the generator and customer reviews to ensure that you buy the generator that will suit your needs! 

Don’t forget to check out our other articles on generators, too; we can help you find the perfect generator today without needing to leave our site or your seat! 

What About Their Small Engines?

The same applies to Champion’s small engines! These are often featured in other products, not just their generators! 

Their small engines are also designed in their US innovative center, looking to create the latest and best technology that their customers will love. 

The engines are then built and distributed to customers from their warehouse in China. The assembly of the engine is done there, while the idea and creation of the engine is done in the US.

You can expect the same fantastic quality engine that Champions are known for, with a range of choices on the engine’s power! 

There’s a wealth of Champion engines on the market these days, all capable of powering a range of items depending on the model you choose.

You can browse them online easily or speak to a member of Champion’s support team who can help you find the right engine and generator for your needs.  

Final Word

And just like that, we have come to the end of our generator journey today! As you can see, Champion makes their engines!

The idea for the engine is created right here in the US in one of Champion’s innovative centers across the country. 

The engine is then built overseas in China before the finished product is sent to you here in the US. 

You still get the same outstanding quality and durability that Champion generators are known for too!

And with their engines designed with some of the latest technology, you can be sure that the generator and engine you purchase from Champion will meet and exceed your expectations!

What are you waiting for? Pick up your generator today. 

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