Why Are Honda Generators So Quiet (Especially Inverter Generators)

If you only know one thing about generators, it is probably that they are noisy.

Generally speaking, generators have a large amount of operating noise, and it is just something that you have to accept if you want a good generator. 

Why are Honda Generators So Quiet (Especially Inverter Generators)

But, there are some generators that are advertised for their low operating noise.

This doesn’t mean that these generators are silent, it simply means that the amount of operating noise that is produced is significantly lower than that produced by a regular generator. 

There is an endless list of companies that produce ‘quiet’ generators. Pretty much every generator manufacturer produces at least one ‘quiet’ model.

But, if you look into the best quiet generators, you will often find that Honda comes out on top.

So why is this? What is Honda doing to make their generators so quiet? In this guide, we’ll be answering these questions and more. 

How Quiet Are Honda Generators?

Before we take a look at how Honda generators are able to be so quiet, we first need to take a look at how quiet they actually are.

After all, if we do not know how quiet they are, then it is unimportant to know how they are able to be so quiet.

So, let’s tackle this important question first. It is impossible to give an exact figure of how quiet Honda generators are because they produce a lot of different models.

So, we will instead need to take a look at some different models of Honda generators, and their operating noise output. 

Honda produces three main categories of generator, they are industrial generators, home back-up generators, and recreational generators.

Of these three types of generators, recreational generators, or EU generators as they are sometimes called, will always be the quietest. 

Recreational generators will always be the quietest because they are designed for use in social settings. If you are going camping, then the last thing that you want is a noisy generator keeping you up at night.

This is why recreational generators are designed to be quieter.

The recreational generators that Honda produce all have an operating noise of between 49 and 60 decibels. 

Forty-nine decibels is equivalent to the sound of rainfall, and 60 decibels is as loud as a normal conversation. So, all of these generators are very quiet. 

Honda also has a good reputation for producing quiet generators because even their industrial, and back-up generators are quieter than most of their competitors.

When you compare these generators with the noise output of a recreational generator, they will seem very loud. But, they are still much quieter than some of Honda’s competitors on the market. 

Why Are Honda Generators So Quiet?

So, you might be wondering how Honda’s generators are so quiet.

As you would probably expect, the reason that Honda generators are able to be so quiet is because of the design behind them.

All generators have the same basic design, but Honda have perfected changes to this basic design to ensure that they have sound on their side. 

The changes that Honda has made are subtle, but they are noticeable.

Especially when you compare different load sizes of generators. 

Why are Honda Generators So Quiet (Especially Inverter Generators)

Usually, as the load size of the generator increases, the operating noise of the generator also increases significantly.

But, this isn’t actually the case with Honda generators. Instead, the noise difference is so subtle that you barely notice it as you move through the different load sizes. 

However, the primary reason why Honda generators have such a good reputation for being quiet is because a lot of the generators that the company produces are inverter generators.

You have probably heard of inverter generators, and you likely know that they are quieter, but why is this? Let’s take a look. 

Why Are Inverter Generators So Quiet?

As we have said, one of the main reasons why Honda generators have such a good reputation for being quiet is because they produce a lot of inverter generators.

Inverter generators are generally a lot quieter than regular generators, and you might be wondering why this is, so let’s find out. 

Inverter generators are quieter than regular generators because of the technology that is used in their design.

This style of generator is specifically designed to produce clean energy, and noise pollution isn’t ideal for the environment. 

So, features have been built into this style of generator to make them quieter.

Inverter generator engines are quieter than regular engines due to eco-throttle technology, and they also run on electricity, which is a lot quieter than gas or diesel generators.

These factors combined are what make inverter generators so quiet. 

But, manufacturers also tend to add more noise-minimizing features to inverter generators.

One of the major features being a muffler which is attached to the engine to ensure operating noise is further reduced.

Inverter generators also tend to come with bodies that are made with noise-insulating material. 

These features combined with a naturally quieter engine ensure that inverter generators are much quieter than regular generators. 

Are Honda Generators Worth It? And Summary 

It is clear that Honda has an excellent reputation for producing quiet generators.

Overall, their generators tend to be quieter than other companies, and their recreational inverter generators are some of the quietest models on the planet. 

But, when you look at the costs of Honda generators, you will see that this quiet operating noise comes with a price. So, are Honda generators worth it?

The consensus seems to be that, yes, Honda generators are worth it.

Especially if you are looking to buy a generator for recreational use.

In recreational situations, a quiet generator is incredibly important, and so you will likely be happy to spend more money, as long as you will be getting less noise. 

This is guaranteed with Honda’s EU generators, so if you use one of these generators on your campsite, it definitely will not impact your sleep.

With all this in mind, we would say that Honda generators are definitely worth it, and this is because of all the hard work that has gone into the design of these models. 

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